Photoshop Disasters: Best of September

Photoshop Disasters: Best of September
Photoshop Disasters: Best of September

This months top five Photoshop disasters from features plenty of abnormal body parts such as huge hands and long necks.

InPost: AAAArrgh Its Started

Sofia: Aleksander the mutation has started… my hands! I need a cure.

Aleksander: Don't worry; I'm on the phone right now to Ralph Lauren they have these sorts of problems all the time.


Babymoov: Stoolie

Never ever leave your baby unattended in the bath. If you must pop out to the shop then use our revolutionary new product - Stool-Moms™ - baby will never notice you are gone!


Aldi: Hard to Believe

Just when I thought that PSD was making a real difference in the world, Aldi go and do this.


Infolettre – Karoutchi: Serious Traffic Problems

The french are up in arms again at British tourists taxing the motorway system with their darned driving on the wrong side of the road.


Cepov: Guaranteed to See Further

Look!! A Labra-Llama!!

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