15 Nostalgia Inducing Works by Gökhun Güneyhan


What tools/apps do you usually use in creating your projects?

Photoshop and Illustrator are set to open as my computer is on and I'm still experimenting on Lightroom. To take photos, I have a Sony a200 with 18-70 kit lens and 70-300 Sigma. PS: I hate Flash. I hate it so much!

“Cities and Typography” is an amazing series. What’s the story behind this project?

A friend from Poland asked for a postcard from Amsterdam (really interesting how Polish people like postcards); and I promised her to make a set from the photos I've taken. This was in November 2010!!! I was thinking about a personal project for a long time, so I found this idea to challenge myself and apologize to my friend at the same time. Looks like it worked on my side but... (Hey Gosia, if you are reading this, promise I'll send them next week!)

What keeps you busy now? Do you have any new upcoming projects?

I have a board in my room to take note when I've something interesting in my mind. Games, apps, offline projects...There's no whitespace left on it, so I'm actually busy with deciding where to start!

What advice can you give to other budding artists?

Travel! Travel around the world, travel around blogs, travel inside magazines. Meet new people and observe them! (Nothing is wrong with that, do it) Watch how they act, listen to the way they tell stories. What we do as designers is all for the other people; so understand their behaviors and interests.

More about Gökhun Güneyhan

https://www.arthref.com/ https://www.behance.net/zajebiscie

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  1. These are amazing. Super creative and imaginative and all things that are good. Elegant, modern, very different..thanks for sharing!

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