15 Nostalgia Inducing Works by Gökhun Güneyhan

15 Nostalgia Inducing Works by Gökhun Güneyhan

Interview with Gökhun Güneyhan

First off, we'd like to know more about you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Aaa hi! And thanks for this! Well, I was born in Istanbul, in 1988 and I've been living here for all my life except for 6 months in Krakow, Poland. Those six months changed all of my ideas about travelling... I used to hate it but now I hardly stop myself to get my camera and go somewhere far when I have some days off to capture great scenes and moments... Like many other people in the creative world; I had my studies on something irrelative; Political Science and International Relations. But my passion for design didn't leave me and I decided to try my chance by getting a job in a digital agency. After almost 1.5 years working for Ogilvy Istanbul and 3 years in total as an interactive designer, I've decided to go freelance. For the last 2 weeks I'm enjoying that... Apart from the agency life; I founded BeTurkey, local organization of Behance Network. Since February 2011, I'm organizing offline meet-ups and online curations with creative works of Turkish members on Behance. Finally apart from the creative life; I believe beer & football* is the best couple in the world. *Not the American one!

When did your love affair with design and photography begin?

Design was just an interest. It wasn't even design; I was just curious about HTML and Javascript when I was 12 and I was making websites by using Frontpage and GeoCities. Then I discovered that I have to use Photoshop to make such designs. While learning how to use it; my father bought me my first digital camera (a compact one with no screen) and I started to take photos during the football matches or on my way between high school and home. Playing with them made me more curious for Photoshop and this improved my skills for both way, but I honestly didn't realize when and how I got so much into design. Then on my 17th birthday, my present was another camera, a Kodak p712 with an incredible zooming quality which I had with me during most of my visits to East and Central Europe. Those visits made me realize how much I like photography and how amazing stories you can have while travelling.

Your designs have a certain feel of nostalgia. Does your environment or personal life have an influence in your designs?

Not at all. I always prefer a modern and minimalist look for almost everything; from interior design to a pair of shoes... But somehow I like that nostalgic feel on photography and design.

Do you consider anyone as your mentor? What other designer/photographer inspires you?

Mark Weaver , Mark Brooks and Ryan Atkinson gave me a new way to see the types. Marcin Stawiarz also made me love black & white but I didn't stay there too much long . On the other hand, I'm inspired by everyone on Behance, Dribbble and on all other platforms.

What inspires you to create or capture an image?

I test my patience during taking photos and I love it. Doesn't matter if it is an animal running around or just the sunset, sometimes I wait for minutes or hours in the same place to get the best capture. For design, I think it's just about feeding my personal taste of design. That's why I make personal projects such as Cogito Ergo Sum or Cities & Typography , otherwise I would hate my job because of the clients.

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  1. These are amazing. Super creative and imaginative and all things that are good. Elegant, modern, very different..thanks for sharing!

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