Captivating Examples of Double Exposure Photography


Aino Saarikivi

"The story behind the picture is simply that I wanted to further practice my Photoshop skills and I followed this great tutorial by Chris Spooner. I also used the same royalty free landscape scene by Samuel Rohl. In the silhouette photography session with Joonas Kuittinen we tried to achieve an image that would stand out from the background, so he used another flash behind my other side. (Facing the camera, but behind me.) That created beautiful shadows on the face but highlighted the hair. The tool I used was Adobe Photoshop CS6. In the Chris Spooner's double exposure tutorial the woman's skin is almost completely covered with the landscape picture and I didn't like that so much. So in my own artwork I faded out the landscape on my face and let the skin with all it's imperfections show. I think that let the picture to "breathe" more. It also enhanced the calmness of the silhouette photo. This was a quick training for me (for my own interest) on a rainy Sunday, not a great piece of art. :) And that in mind I don't have any fine words to describe the meaning of it. I'm very pleased with the outcome though."

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  1. These are fantastic works of art. I'm sure it's not just as simple as taking two photos together. It is nice to see how one image relates to the other, and tells a story. :)

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