Captivating Examples of Double Exposure Photography

Captivating Examples of Double Exposure Photography

Double exposure is a photographic effect that often produces ghost images. Sounds creepy? Alright, check out these amazing photographs below to see what double exposure is really capable of. Some of them are done in analog photography while some are done digitally. Now, your eyes will witness awesomeness!

Olivia Chigas

"In my process of creating double exposures, the only thing I know for sure is that I have no idea how any of them will come out. I exclusively use film when I photograph, and my method of creating double exposures is to shoot the entire roll of film, in a variety of different subjects, textures, compositions, etc., and then rewind the roll back to the very beginning, and then shoot another set of images on top of the same film. And there's a risk in that- not every image pairing will "work." The joy of this for me is the uncertainty– of which images will match together, of the colors that will come through, of the unexpected compositions that I have unconsciously created."

Müge Yildiz

"These images are in my 'line of flight' project. This name comes from French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze's concept 'ligne de fuite' (means 'line of flight'), this concept covers act of feeling, flowing, leaking and disappearing into the distance and this line of flight connects with the possibility of multiplicity. First I chose this concept and I began to took my picture at several places with my mobile phone (iPhone 5), this is very important that I wanted to use my phone, because this phone have lots of possibilities. I did not want to take an ordinary silhouette, I only wanted some dark areas in my face by using natural light. Then, I took photographs of ruined buildings and streets with trees. I wanted to compose a line of flight with these images, I wanted to create a multiplicity and I believe that a double exposure or multiple exposure gives me this possibility, And again first I used my phone, I tried several double exposure application and I usually use Diana Photo App for my mobile photography, then I add some textures with photoshop or some mobile app too and than I decided to color of picture only for an esthetic reason."


Carson Ford

"These images are of my friend, Olivia, who wanted double exposures of herself to use in a personal identity project. I took the portraits of her using my Canon Rebel T5 and then paired them with stock photos from Unsplash. Once in Photoshop, it was just a matter of experimenting with blending modes until I found the effect I wanted. I generally place the portrait at the bottom of the layer stack and then blend the second photo on top of it, using Overlay, Screen, Lighten, Soft light, or a combination of blending modes and adjusting the layer opacity. Once I’ve settled on the blend I apply a layer mask to the second photo and use the brush tool to paint in the areas that I want the blend stronger or weaker. The mask is mainly to help me keep facial features distinct. Lastly, I add adjustment layers for color and contrast and apply sharpening as needed."

 Mark Jayson Cruz

"I made this photo using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 only.. Using the layer mode setting in Photoshop I just explore the use of different layer mode there such as overlay, vivid light, soft light. The Girl in the first photo is Vienne Gapasin and the two guy there is her brother Mon Gapasin.. We shoot for a fashion shoot for beauty and and Black and white concept.. In the office during break time I usually explore the internet to see things that is so unique in the eye of the viewer one time while browsing the web I see this thing that called Double exposure / multiple exposure. Well, Im so amaze of this kind of shot.. 2 photos with different kinds of shot bringing  together.. and  then it all started to open my photoshop and try to do this things.. i think an hour before I do this double exposure lot of patience is we need while doing  this very technical.. you will ask your self how to merge this two things with different shot? What kinds of tools? Do I need to use to merge this in one but beautifully artistic effect? So many question..but after I made one of this I continue to learn more and to explore for more different style in this kind of editing."

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  1. These are fantastic works of art. I'm sure it's not just as simple as taking two photos together. It is nice to see how one image relates to the other, and tells a story. :)

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