Free Download: 7 Premium Looks Lightroom Presets

Free Download: 7 Premium Looks Lightroom Presets
Add dramatic color effects to your photos with a click of the button in Adobe Lightroom. This product come with seven color gradings and two light leaks presets.

Product Features

Adjustable Tone Want to edit the fade/contrast of the effect? It can easily be done simply by adjusting the tone curve. Unlike some presets that only make use of the RGB channels, our presets use The presets use the full capabilities of the tone curve tool. Minimal Settings Don't re-retouch your photos! Most Lightroom presets overwrite your basic settings (exposure, contrast, white balance, highlights, shadows, etc.). Don't lose time re-retouching your photos. These presets will not touch your white balance or basic tonal settings. Fully Compatible with LR Toolkit LR Toolkit is the best workflow system for Lightroom and it allows you to customize the look of these presets. You can adjust the fade, create HDR looks, boost colors, and a lot more. More information can be found at


This product is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5, 6, and CC.

Free Download

  • 5 Filters
  • 2 Light Leaks

Pro Version

  • 12 Filters
  • 8 Light Leaks
  • Lighter and stronger preset variations
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