Lomo Light Leaks

Lomo Light Leaks

Lomo Light Leaks

Give your photos an old school look with these retro light leaks. Light leak happens when light “leaks” into the camera causing the film to overexpose. This flaw can add an artistic touch to your photo. With these photos, you can apply light leaks to your photo using Photoshop. This set contains 71 high-res light leak photos. They’re stackable and super fun to use in Photoshop.

Lomo Light Leak Examples

Light Leak Thumbnails

How to Add Lomo Light Leaks in your Photos

  1. Open any photo in Photoshop.
  2. Drag and drop a light leak photo into your Photoshop document.
  3. Change the blend mode of the light leak layer to Screen.
  4. Use the Transform tool (Ctrl+T or Edit > Free Transform) to scale, rotate, and position the light leak.
  5. Add more light leak as desired.

Hipster Photo Effect Using Light Leaks

Download Lomo Light Leak

Light Leaks.zip | 125 MB

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  1. please help...... i cant download. it says
    "could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.""

    please help

  2. Brilliant!
    Thanks Denny, this is so valuable.

    I have a free collection of moving light leaks available to you guys in case anyone can use it?
    All the best, and thanks again.

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