Freebie: 8 Special Effects for Photos

Freebie: 8 Special Effects for Photos
Freebie: 8 Special Effects for Photos

Looking for some fun photo effects? This set of 8 Photoshop actions will let you apply a variety of effects such as Harris Shutter, pencil sketch, digital display, and more. These actions are excitingly easy to use - play the action and all 8 effects will be created for you automatically!

Special FX

The free actions include these effects:

  • Clarity 16px
  • Two-Strip Red/Teal
  • Harris Shutter Horizontal Shift
  • Dot Grid 16px
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Stained Glass 32px
  • Digital Display 8px
  • 4 Point Star Flare 100px

The pro version includes all of the

  • Clarity (16px, 32px, 64px, and 128px)
  • Two-Strip (Red/Teal, Purple/Green, and Yellow/Blue)
  • Harris Shutter (Horizontal Shift, Vertical Shift, Horizontal Stretch, Vertical Stretch, and Zoom)
  • Dot Grid (16px, 32px, 64px, and 128px)
  • Rounded Square Grid (16px, 32px, 64px, and 128px)
  • Halftone Popart (1px, 2px, 4px, and 8px)
  • Pencil Sketch (Regular and Soft)
  • Stained Glass (32px, 64px, 128px, and 256px)
  • Digital Display (8px, 16px, 32px, and 64px)
  • 4 Point Star Flare (100px, 200px, 400px, and 800px)
  • 8 Point Star Flare (100px, 200px, 400px, and 800px)

The Harris Shutter effect is a creative way to turn your photos into B&W with a nice color misalignment effect.


Digital display turns your photo into a neon pixel art.


Some other effects are dot grid and pencil sketch. The dot grid effect pixelates your photos with rounded circles and the pencil sketch effect gives your photos a hand-drawn pencil sketch effect.


Download the Special FX Photoshop Actions

[css3_grid id='Special FX ']

Create Dot Grid Art in 1 Click

Turn any photo into a dot grid artwork with these Photoshop actions. You'll get great results with dots that change size. They get larger in brighter areas and smaller in darker areas. Free download available.

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  1. My ESET anti-virus had a cadenza when I tried to download Special FX Photoshop Actions, ESET claim 'pote[entially dangerous elements' are present.

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