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How to Copy Lightroom Presets to Your Phone

Did you know that you can use the same Lightroom presets on your phone? In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to copy presets to your phone. There are also 5 free presets that you can try this tutorial with.

Step 1

First, open Lightroom CC on your desktop. Don’t confuse this with Lightroom Classic CC, they’re different. And yes, you do need to load it from your desktop. Currently, there’s no way to load it from your phone.

Step 2

In Lightroom CC, press E to open the Edit panel. On the bottom, click on “Presets”.

Click on the panel menu and select “Import Presets”. Browse for the ZIP file with the presets then click OK.

Step 3

After loading the presets, Lightroom will automatically sync it via the cloud to your phone. You can check the status of the sync by clicking on the cloud icon on the top-right. When it’s synced, it should display “Synced and Backed Up”.

The panel also has also links to the mobile apps. Make sure you have these apps installed before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4

Open the Lightroom CC mobile app on your phone. Select any photo to edit then go to the Presets tab.

Step 5

Here you will find a list of the presets that are synced.

Step 6

You can adjust the opacity by going to the Profiles tab.

Here you will see a slider that you can adjust from 0 to 200%. Anything over 100% is artificially pushed and may not look natural.

If you don’t see a profile selected, it means that your preset does not use profiles. As of 2018, most presets do not have this feature. Very few preset developers have learned how to create these new Lightroom presets.


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