Create a Wonderful Midnight Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create a Wonderful Midnight Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
Learn how to create this dreamy artwork by Fabrizio Panattoni! In this Photoshop tutorial, Fabrizio will show you how to add broken glass, create a blue color tint, and finish it off with a dreamy glow.

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Step 1

Open the 'Window and Woman' stock.

Step 2

Since we have to work on this layer we have to unlock it. Double click on the layer and name it 'Main'.

Step 3

Now that the layer is unlocked you have to convert it to Smart Object. Right click on the 'Main' layer and choose 'Convert to Smart Object'.

Step 4

Now we have to rotate a bit the image. Go to Edit > Transform. Right click on the image and choose 'Rotate'. Then rotate the image to make it straight.

Step 5

Obviously we have to crop the empty parts. Grab the Crop Tool and build a selection so that the empty areas are out of it. When you are done right click on the image and choose 'Crop'.

Step 6

Now we have to hide the part of the background outside the window so we can replace it with a dreamy sky. We will have to do it in several steps. Grab the Pen Tool and start to make a selection of a part you want. I will start from the higher part. The first point you make with the Pen Tool is the beginning of your selection. By adding some other anchor points you will be building your path. When you want end your path add the last point above the first point.

Step 7

After closing the path you have to make a selection.  Right click on the image and choose 'Make Selection'. A window will pop up asking for the feather radius. Since the image is not huge 1 px is enough. After clicking ok you will have your selection.

Step 8

Now we have to hide this part. Go to Selection > Inverse to invert the selection. Then click on the Layer Mask Button. Photoshop will automatically create a Mask that hides the part you selected. The mask will have the hidden part in black and the rest in white. That's why to hide the other unwanted parts we need to paint with black on them.

Step 9

To hide the other three unwanted parts you have to repeat the previous step. The Layer Mask for this layer is created so you don't need to create another one.
  1. Select the area to hide with the Pen Tool and make the Selection.
  2. Invert the selection
  3. Fill it with black color (Edit > Fill > Black).
Don't be afraid to include hair in the selection, we will draw it later on.

Step 10

Go to File > Place and open the Moon stock. Put it below the Main layer and name it 'Moon'. Go to Edit > Transform and scale it like in the figure below.

Step 11

Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply 8 px for the Moon Layer.

Step 12

Go to File > Place and open the Cloud stock. Place it between the Main layer and the Moon layer and name it 'Cloud'.

Step 13

Now set the Cloud layer to Hard Light with Opacity and Fill at 80%.

Step 14

As you can see the edges of the Cloud stock is still visible. We will hide it with a Layer Mask (like we did with the Main layer). Add a Layer Mask to the Cloud layer. Take a soft brush and paint with black on the mask to remove the harsh line.

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