Create an Alluring and Magical Forest Photo Manipulation

Create an Alluring and Magical Forest Photo Manipulation
Create an Alluring and Magical Forest Photo Manipulation
elune 16b

Step 17

Continue creating twisted branches as many as you like, just don't overdo it.

elune 17

Create a new layer and paint some shadow to the part which the branches are on the model. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay.

elune 17a

Step 18

Group all the branch layers into one group (Hold Shift and Left Click on the branch layer at the top then click the branch layer at the bottom of the list to select all of them, Ctrl + G to group). Apply these adjustment layers to the group.

Brightness/Contrast -> Curves

elune 18
elune 18a

Also we want some extra shadow on those branches so create a new layer, Create Clipping Mask with the group and paint some black on the branches.

elune 18b

Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light, Opacity 47%

elune 18c

Step 19

Create more shadow at the bottom of the model and the branches on the ground with Black soft brush.

elune 19

Opacity 45%

elune 19a

Step 20

We had fun with the branches, now its time to have fun with ivies. Open the Ivy stock which has been rendered nicely for you to use. Place it behind the model.

elune 20

Place more and transform them as your will as well. The more the merrier! Make them follow the branches.

elune 20a

Step 21

Add this Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to the ivies. Group them into one before doing this!

elune 21a

Our result so far.

elune 21b

Step 22

Bring more ivies to the front of the model and make them follow the branches on her body.

elune 22

elune 22a

Step 23

Similar to step 21, add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to all the ivies at the front.

elune 23

elune 23a

Step 24

With the appearance of the branches and ivies, we will need to some extra shadow to the ground since the current shadow is a little weak.

elune 24

The method is similar to the way we create a shadow in the previous step. Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light.

elune 24a

Step 25

Now we will create a simple yet special effect for the model so the piece looks more...magical. Create a new layer , grab the Pen Tool and draw a curve line around her body like this :

elune 25

Before continue please go to the Brush Tool, choose a 5px round brush with 100% Hardness.

Back to the Pen Tool, right click on the curve line you just drew and choose Stroke Path. Choose Brush as Tool, tick on the Simulate Pressure.

elune 25a

The Stroke Path option will use your Foreground color as the stroke color so set the Foreground color as #6391b7 then click OK. Here's what we will have :

elune 25b

Step 26

Apply these setting for the Curve Line layer's Blending Option :

elune 26

elune 26a

Change the Blend Mode to Linear Dodge and we will have a nice glowing line!

elune 26b

Do the same with another line.

elune 26c

Step 27

Create another new layer, use 7px round brush, 100% Hardness.

elune 27

Open the Brush Panel (shortcut : F5) and adjust the setting like this :

elune 27a

Now paint around the model, with the setting we just had, the round will be scattered as we paint, create a bokeh-like effect. Apply the same Blending Option and color like we did with the Curve Lines.

elune 27b

Step 28

We would want to add an extra light to increase the effect we just made. Use a soft brush with color #6bb6fd and paint around the model, change the Blend Mode to Linear Dodge and Opacity 40%

elune 28

Step 29

Open the Ivy stock again and place it at the top left of the image. Apply a 1,6px Gaussian Blur.

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