Create an Alluring and Magical Forest Photo Manipulation

Create an Alluring and Magical Forest Photo Manipulation

elune 29a

Duplicate the ivy, resize it a little bit and place it behind the original ivy.

elune 29ab

Group those ivy layers into a group and apply this Brightness/Contrast :

elune 29c

Done with the left!

elune 29d

Step 30

Now we just need to make one more ivy set at the right, duplicate the Ivy group we just created and place them to the right. Ctrl + T to open Transform Tool and choose Flip Horizontal so the ivies doesn't look similar to the left one.

elune 30

Step 31

We are almost done! Add some more fog to increase the mystic atmosphere for our piece.

elune 31

Layer mask to the fog.

elune 31a

Here is the result.

elune 31b

Step 32

Now one the Ray Light brush, piece a brush you like and place it near the moon. Low down the Opacity if you feel the light is too much.

elune 32

Step 33

Now to the final color tune-up. This following chain of adjustment layer will do its magic! Hue/Saturation -> Exposure -> Brightness/Contrast -> Curves -> Selective Color

elune 33elune 33a

elune 33belune 33c

elune 33delune 33e

elune 33felune 33g

The result :

elune 33h

Step 34

Add some extra light to the model with a White soft brush.

elune 34

Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light. Also grab a soft brush with Black and paint around the edge.

elune 34a

Reduce the Opacity down to 60%.

elune 34b

Step 35

One last touch! A great way to bring up our main character is to make the background less attractive. Add this 1.2px Gaussian Blur to our Forest layer (remember to turn it to Smart Object!)

elune 35

Final Results

elune result[1]

Download the PSD

Tutorial by Antaka Nguyen

profileThanks for reading and following my tutorial. I hope you guys can learn something from it and I would love to see your outcome. For any question about this tutorial or just simply want to see my works please check out my DeviantART. Best! - Antaka Nguyen
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