20 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Speed Art Videos

20 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Speed Art Videos
20 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Speed Art Videos

An artist's imagination is the key to creating magnificent masterpieces in Photoshop. This article gives you twenty breathtaking photo manipulation speed art videos that will serve as the the perfect sources in enhancing more of your Photoshop skills as an artist. Feel free to watch them and enjoy!

This Artist Uses the Brush Tool to Create Some Amazing Masterpieces

If you are new to Photoshop, this video tutorial is the best place to start. You will learn how to use the Photoshop brushes in creating simple yet amazing masterpieces.

This Photo Manipulation May Look Hard, but It's Quite Simple with an Ingenious Trick

Having a vivid imagination is the source of creating this photo manipulation. This is done by using the basic Photoshop tools such as the crop, eraser, brush, pen and lasso tools. The combination of the images with the tools being used gives a great effect in achieving this final output.

Ever Wonder What It's like to Witness the End of the World? This Amazing Photo Manipulation Art Video Lets You Experience It

In this tutorial, you will learn on how to add a dramatic or cinematic quality to a regular and humdrum images along with a little bit of a trick in faking HDR. You can create this photo manipulation with the use of the stock images and together with the use of Photoshop adjustment layers.

You've Heard about Dinosaurs but whoo You Know Who Exactly They Are? Watch This Video and See It with Your Own Eyes

This video portrays the idea that not all dinosaurs are like Barney, a fictional character of a friendly dinosaur. You will learn in this video on how powerful the pen tool is in cutting an image and pasting it to another image that will give you a convincing output of a dinosaur invasion.

If You Have 5 Minutes, Then Watch This Video on How to Create This Mystical and Epic Landscape

With the use of layer mask and the retouching techniques in Photoshop, you can simply create this mystical and epic landscape. It would take time in creating the centaur character but it will be so worth it.

It Only Takes 5 Minutes to Discover What Life Is like above the Clouds

Have you ever imagined of what it is like inside the clouds? This video will show you an imaginative creation that living above the clouds is so heavenly with full of tranquility.

If There Is a City in the Sky, This Video Will Show You How It Would Look Like

This is another video that will feature a peaceful city that is not found on Earth but is only found in the sky. You can create this photo manipulation by using the simple crop and lasso tools with a light touch of blend mode in Photoshop.

Watch How a Single Image Transforms into a Magical Creature in 5 Minutes

It is challenging to transform an ordinary photo into a magical creature. So, if you are good at drawing, then it will be much easier for you to add details in this girl. On the other hand, you will be amused of what your hands can do with the Photoshop brushes as you try to achieve this magical photo manipulation.

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