Create this Breathtaking Photo Manipulation of a Tightrope Dancer in Photoshop

Create this Breathtaking Photo Manipulation of a Tightrope Dancer in Photoshop
Create this Breathtaking Photo Manipulation of a Tightrope Dancer in Photoshop

Learn how to create this dangerous scene of a tightrope dancer over a beautiful twilight cityscape. This tutorial will show you how to blend photos together using color matching and light painting techniques.

Preview of Final Results


Download the PSD | 106.38 MB
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Tightrope Dancer Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1

Open the 'City' Stock.


Step 2

Add a Color balance Layer adjustment:

  • Shadows: -33 0 +14
  • Midtones: -20 0 +26
  • Highlights: -19 0 +5

You'll have this result.


Step 3

Add a Brightness / Contrast Adjustments Layer with these settings:

  • Brightness: -105
  • Contrast: +64

This is the result.


Step 4

Now we have to add the 'Sky' to our work. So let's create some space above the city. Go to Image > Canvas Size and click on the arrow I'm going to show you below (1). Then replace the Height with 4912 Pixels (2).


This is what we have now.


Step 5

Open the 'Sky' stock. After cropping the stock rules advise put it in a new layer above everything.


Step 6

Now resize the sky to fit it in the canvas.


Step 7

Add a Mask to the Sky layer. We need to blend it with the rest of the manipulation. Choose a soft round brush (Settings: Opacity > 30-40% - Size > 180 - Color > Black) and on the layer Mask start to paint at the bottom of the sky to gently delete the strong contrast between it and the city.


Step 8

Add a Color Balance Adjustment Layer ONLY for the Sky.

  • Shadows -37 0 0
  • Midtones -43 0 52
  • Highlights -38 0 42

This is the result.


Step 9

The background looks too saturated. Let's add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

  • Saturation -14
  • Lightness -4

Step 10

Add a Brightness / Contrast Adjustment Layer to give more Light. Set the brightness to +20. Here's the result.


Step 11

Open the 'Lady' stock and cut her off her background. I know there are a lot of methods to do it. In this case I used the Pen Tool to be more precise. Place the Lady above all layers.


Step 12

Add a Hue / Saturation Layer ONLY for the Lady layer.

  • Master: Saturation -42
  • Reds: Saturation -41
  • Yellows: Saturation -18; Lightness -16

Step 13

Add a Color Balance Adjustment Layer ONLY for the Lady layer.

  • Shadows -10 0 +24
  • Midtones -14 0 +86
  • Highlights -18 0 +31

And this is the result.


Step 14

Add a Photo Filter ONLY for the Lady layer.

  • Filter: Cooling Filter 82
  • Density: 11%

Set this layer to Overlay with Opacity and Fill at 50%.


Step 15

Let's add some light. Create a new layer. Pick the White color and use the Gradient Tool (Radial) in the middle of the manipulation (as you see in the image below).


Set this layer to Overlay with Opacity at 70%. And this is the result.


Step 16

To Blend better the Lady we have to add some light behind her. Create a layer under the Lady layer and set it to Soft Light with Opacity 80%. Pick a soft round brush (Opacity > 30%; Size > 900px) and paint some light around her.


Step 17

Let's work now on the mood. Add a Selective Color Adjustment Layer above everything with these settings:

  • Blues: Cyan 0; Magenta: +6; Yellow: +54; Black +3.

This is the result.


Step 18

Open the 'Rope' Stock. Create a layer below the one you made for the light behind the Lady and put there the rope. Resize and rotate it (CTRL+T) until it fits the prospective.


Step 19

Add a Hue/Saturation Layer Adjustment ONLY for the Rope.

  • Master: Hue 180; Lightness -21.

Step 20

Create a new layer above evrything. We're going to add some shadow where the lady stands. Pick the color #04083b wirh a soft brush (30% Opacity) and paint some shadow on the rope and the girl's hands, then set the layer to Overlay.


Step 21

Let's go with some other lights! Pick the color #daffff. Chose a round hard brush and paint something like the image below.


Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set 250 px.


Set the layer to Soft Light and we'll have this result.


Step 22

Add a Gradient Map Adjustment layer (Colors are shown below). Set the Layer to Soft Light with Opacity and Fill at 80%.


Step 23

Time to enhance our work. Create a new layer. Go to Edit > Fill > 50% Gray. Set the layer to Overlay. Use the Burn Tool to paint the shadows (Range: Midtones; Strength: 20), the Dodge Tool for lights (Range: Midtones; Strength 20) and highlights (Range: Highlights; Strength 15). Below you can see my dodge & burn.


And this is the result.


Step 24

Add a Brightness / Contrast Adjustments.

  • Brightness 5
  • Contrast 20

Final Results


Download the PSD | 106.38 MB
Download from Website

Tutorial by Fabrizio Panattoni

profileThank you for reading my tutorial. I hope it helped you to create your own art. If you want to see more artworks made by me, check my art page

- Fabrizio Panattoni

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  1. Beautiful tutorial! I think it would be helpful if you showed where the tools/layers can be found like the other tutorials.

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