Photo Manipulation

Create this Breathtaking Photo Manipulation of a Tightrope Dancer in Photoshop


Step 18

Open the ‘Rope’ Stock. Create a layer below the one you made for the light behind the Lady and put there the rope. Resize and rotate it (CTRL+T) until it fits the prospective.


Step 19

Add a Hue/Saturation Layer Adjustment ONLY for the Rope.

  • Master: Hue 180; Lightness -21.


Step 20

Create a new layer above evrything. We’re going to add some shadow where the lady stands. Pick the color #04083b wirh a soft brush (30% Opacity) and paint some shadow on the rope and the girl’s hands, then set the layer to Overlay.


Step 21

Let’s go with some other lights! Pick the color #daffff. Chose a round hard brush and paint something like the image below.


Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set 250 px.


Set the layer to Soft Light and we’ll have this result.


Step 22

Add a Gradient Map Adjustment layer (Colors are shown below). Set the Layer to Soft Light with Opacity and Fill at 80%.


Step 23

Time to enhance our work. Create a new layer. Go to Edit > Fill > 50% Gray. Set the layer to Overlay. Use the Burn Tool to paint the shadows (Range: Midtones; Strength: 20), the Dodge Tool for lights (Range: Midtones; Strength 20) and highlights (Range: Highlights; Strength 15). Below you can see my dodge & burn.


And this is the result.


Step 24

Add a Brightness / Contrast Adjustments.

  • Brightness 5
  • Contrast 20


Final Results


Download the PSD | 106.38 MB
Download from Website

Tutorial by Fabrizio Panattoni

profileThank you for reading my tutorial. I hope it helped you to create your own art. If you want to see more artworks made by me, check my art page

– Fabrizio Panattoni

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