20 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Speed Art Videos

20 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Speed Art Videos
20 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Speed Art Videos

You Only Need 3 Images to Create a Beautiful Masterpiece, Watch This Video to Learn How

This video is an example of simple yet amazing photo manipulation. You can create this with 3 images only, the techniques applied are very easy. You just need to properly use the pen tool, lasso tool and experiment on the adjustment layer then you are done!


Watch How This Turtle Saves This Young Girl from Drinking Coffee

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a quick fantasy inspired photo manipulation. Layer masking is primarily applied in this photo manipulation.

Here's What Happens When You Take Time for Granted

You will only know what you have lost when you see what is left. Transform this old looking house into an abandoned one by applying some adjustment layers and by adding some images in Photoshop.

They Are Cats but They Can Swim. Watch How They Survive the Waves

You may be one of the people who believe that cats cannot swim but let me tell you that you are wrong. Tigers are the largest cat species who are known as adept swimmers. In this video, you will learn how this artist portrays the concept of cats asking for help.


Snow White Is Still in Danger. Wanna Know Why? Watch Here

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and her happy ending but did the evil witch really disappear? Watch this video and learn how this artist put a resemblance to this forest witch from Snow White's evil witch.

This Artist Views Life with so Much Hope in This World

This video will serve as an inspiration to everyone who feels giving up on life. Photoshop can help you visualize what full of hope is like in real life. Watch this video and be amazed on how this artist combined the images into creating a wonderful image of hope.

In Less than 2 Minutes, She Transforms into a New Person. Find out Why!

This video will show you the wonders of Liquify in Photoshop. A simple liquify effect can make a big change to one's body or one's face. This effect can make a person fat or thin and can also transform to a new person's face that you wouldn't know who it will be as a result.


Here's What Happens to the World When Time Has Stopped

What will you do if time eventually stops? You may be doing the same thing that this artist is creating in this video.

They Call It Food but I See It as Home. Here's the Reason Why

Mushrooms are actually food but some thought of them as the home of dwarves. Will you still eat mushrooms if you see the beauty behind them? In this video tutorial, you will learn how possible it is to make mushrooms as a house or as a home in Photoshop.

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