Create an Portrait Artwork with Autumn Colors

Create an Portrait Artwork with Autumn Colors

Step 18

Create a new layer above everything and paint with yellow tones some lights as shown before. (I used mostly #efd981, #f6d373 and #f6d373).


Set the layer to Soft Light with Opacity 60% and Fill 80%.


Step 19

Create a new Layer and paint some light where shown below as you did in the previous step. I did it with color #fff3b0.


Set the layer to Soft Light.


Step 20

Create a new layer and we're going to do the same as before. This time we'll add some shadows. Pick a dark color from the background (not pure Black) and paint something like you see below in the image.


Set the layer to Soft Light.


Step 21

Create a new layer and fill it with 50% Gray (Edit > Fill > 50% Gray). Set the layer to Overlay. Now we have to Burn and Dodge. I used two different Range: Midtones and Highlights.

  • Burn: Range > Midtones, Exposure > 10% (It's where you see dark parts)
  • Dodge: Range > Midtones, Exposure > 10% (It's where there is white)

Where you see lighter white I used Dodge with same settings but putting Range: Highlights. Below you can see where I painted shadows and lights.


And this is the result.


Step 22

Unify the whole work with CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ E. Go to Filter and choose Lens Correction. Choose the Custom menu and where you see 'Vignette' put -50 in the Amount.


Step 23

Duplicate last layer. Go to Filter > Other > High Pass and put 1 px. Set the Layer to Overlay. You can put the value you want, it depends on your taste. Just make some tries until you are happy with the result.


Step 24

Unify the whole work with CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ E. Go to Filter > Gaussian Blur and add some blur (usually 10px is good).


Step 25

Add a mask to this layer. Choose a big round brush and pick black color. Paint on the mask to make the picture comes back again but leaving the corners blurred. Imagine to paint like a big circle.


Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Fabrizio Panattoni

profile[1] Thank you for reading my tutorial. I hope it helped you. If you want to see more artworks made by me, check my art page

- Fabrizio Panattoni

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  2. it would be interesting to know how did you treated the hair because it is much better on your montage than the original picture

  3. Well this is something I have been trying to create for a while though mine didn’t come out exactly like Thank you for this tutorial.

  4. This embodies everything I wish to do with the photoshop version I purchase.  But it is exceedingly unclear which one will serve my purpose....PLEASE HELP

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