How to Create an Awesome Fiery Grim Reaper by Combining Images

How to Create an Awesome Fiery Grim Reaper by Combining Images

Step 12

Duplicate the fire layer and move it a bit to the left.

Step 13

Group the fire layers together (Ctrl-click on each and press Ctrl + G). Import the fire brush . Add a layer mask and with a black brush hide the sharp corners by painting with a soft black brush and one of the fire brushes in the layer mask.

Step 14

Open the file "Fire2". Select all, copy and paste into our scene. Convert the newly imported layer into a smart object. Use Free Transform to place the fire as shown below.

Step 15

Change the blending mode of the fire layer to Screen.

Step 16

Add a layer mask to the fire layer. Mask away the hard edges.

Step 17

Duplicate the "Fire2" layer in order to increase the sparkling effect.

Step 18

Duplicate the "Fire2" layer again. Use free transform to place is it as indicated below.

Step 19

Group all the three "Fire2" layers and name the group "Sparks". You can add a layer mask to further hide the unwanted parts of the fire and sparks.

Step 20

Duplicate the "Fire1" layer and place it as shown below. Change the blending mode to screen.

Step 21

Add a layer mask and use the fire brushes and the soft round brush to mask the hard edges.

Step 22

Duplicate the fire layer we masked at step 21 and move a bit lower to cover the entire wooden portion of the scythe.

Step 23

Duplicate the fire layer again but this time move up the wooden portion of the scythe to further increase the brightness of the flames.

Step 24

Group these fire layers from step 21-23 and add a layer mask to the group to further hide unwanted parts.

Step 25

Unrar/Unzip somewhere on your computer the effects archive. Copy and paste one of the effects into our scene and position it as shown below.

Step 26

Change the blending mode of the special effect to Color Dodge. Add a layer mask and mask the lower portion.

Step 27

Choose another effect from the effects folder and place it as shown below.

Step 28

Change the blending mode of the effect to Screen.

Step 29

Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer and clip it to the effect you just placed. Drag the hue slider all the way to the left.

Step 30

Import the lightning brushes. Create a new layer and create a lightning with white color. Place the lightning as shown below. It is barely visible because there is so much light there.

Step 31

Double click the lightning layer to enter advanced blending mode. Use the settings shown below.

Step 32

Create two more layers and on each create a different lightning. Double click to enter advanced blending mode for each and use the same settings as we used in step 31.

Step 33

Group the lightning layers together. Add a layer mask to the group and mask the unwanted parts.

Step 34

Create a new layer and import the smoke brush. Create a smoke on the hand of the death figure using a smoke brush with white color - use a layer mask to hide hard edges.

Step 35

Add some more smoke on different layers in the areas indicated below. If the smoke is too strong lower the opacity of the layer. Group the smoke layers together.

Step 36

Open the file "Glitter". Copy and paste the image into our scene and don't forget to transform it into a smart object. Place it as I did below.

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