Create an Awesome Underwater Scene Depicting a Dragon and a Treasure Hunter

Create an Awesome Underwater Scene Depicting a Dragon and a Treasure Hunter

Step 20

Now create two Adjustment Layers (a Hue/Saturation and a Levels Adjustment Layer) and clip them to one fish. Use the settings shown below to correct the color of the fish (make them more blue) and correct the lighting (make them darker). Repeat these steps for the other fish.

Step 21

Now let’s add some aquatic plants. Open the file “Aquatic Plants” and copy/paste them in our scene. Duplicate the aquatic plants layer once (Ctrl + J) and place each plant as shown below. Lower the opacity of each layer to 14%. As you see lowering the opacity blends the plants nicely with the background – you could also use the technique at step 15 but it’s not worth the trouble – the plants are small decorative elements and lowering the opacity looks good enough.

Step 22

Now group the two aquatic plants (Ctrl + Click on each and press Ctrl + G) and add a layer mask to the group. Paint with a round soft brush in the layer mask to hide the bottom hard edges.

Step 23

Open the file “Coffer”. Copy and paste the coffer in our scene. Put it as shown below and on a new layer (below the coffer layer in the layer palette) paint some shadows with a soft round brush at 50% Opacity.

Step 24

Make a new layer and fill it with a blue color (#174451). Clip this layer to the coffer and change the blending mode to Color.

Step 25

Darken the coffer by painting on a new layer (clipped to the coffer layer) with black. Avoid painting too heavily on the top section because that’s where the light will hit. You can also use a Level Adjustment Layer to darken the coffer.

Step 26

Use the technique described at step 15 to blend the coffer with its environment.

Step 27

Open the file “Coins”. Copy and paste the coins next to the coffer. Paint a subtle shadow on a new layer below the coins and group both layers. Lower the group opacity to 18%.

Step 28

Open the file “Cup”. Copy and paste the cup next to the coins and lower the opacity to 88%. Paint some shadows below the cup (on a new layer obviously) and blend the cup with the environment as explained at step 15.

Step 29

Open the file “Skulls”. Copy/paste the skulls next to the coffer and on a new layer below the skulls paint some shadows.

Step 30

Create a new Levels Adjustment Layer with the settings shown below and clip it to the skulls layer to darken it.

Step 31

Create a new Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer with the settings indicated below and clip it to the skulls layer to make the colors match the overall scene.

Step 32

Open the file “Seahorse”. Copy and paste it next to the dragon as shown below and lower the opacity to 15%. This could represent the dragon’s offspring or another marine creature.

Step 33

Let’s add some bubbles. Open the file “Bubble Brushes” and import the brushes by double clicking on the .abr file. Use these brushes (on one or more new layers) to add bubbles to the scene – near the dragon, the diver and the coffer.

Step 34

Time for adding the final touches. Open the file “Light Brush” and import the brushes. Use a light brush to create some rays coming from above and use a layer mask to hide the hard edges and harsh whites.

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  1. I love that end results. I am going to check those links now since some are saying they do not work.

  2. Сегодня взялся за урок и дошёл до 15 шага. Спасибо большое:) Я человек простой из бедной семьи и потому скажу просто. Я балдею от урока!:)) Оставлю два варианта синий и зелёный, оба нравятся:)

  3. That was awesome...I thought I knew most but I still picked up on a few things!
    Simple things like Adding colour balance etc via the layers panel.
    Thanks heaps!
    Where can I post my version? Is it ok to put up on facebook?

  4. Интересно было бы поработать с этим уроком, результат красивый но исходники не работают.

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