Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation of Valkyrie

Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation of Valkyrie

Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation of Valkyrie

Step 11

Now place model stock and mask background. Don't be afraid of the perspective in this step. You will add gown soon, so keep calm :).


Step 12

Now is harder part. You should fix straps on the model. Use clone stamp tool on new layer. Hold alt on skin and click when straps appears. In aligned sample choose Current and below. Then make this layer Clippy.


Step 13

Add adjustment layer with Hue/Saturation. Make it clippy by RMB > Create clipping mask.


Then mask whole layer, except part of the skirt, above hand.


Step 14

Place antique texture. It will be armor! :) Create clipping mask.


Step 15

Click on layer with RMB and choose blending options. From menu pick Bevel and Emboss. Set it as shown.


Step 16

Then mask i in shape of your desired armor.


Step 17

Create new layer with clipping mask. Draw gently of the top edge of armor brown strokes. I used #675544 color.


Set blending mode of this layer to Screen.


Step 18

Create new layer. Yes. Clippy. :) Use big, soft, white brush and draw on arms and armor.


Decrease opacity to 33%.


Step 19

It's time to create lights. Add new clipping layer. Use soft brush with dynamic opacity and draw some strokes on the edges of armor, hands and body.

Light goes behind model, in the center of the image.


Step 20

Add adjustment layer with Hue/Saturation and make it clippy. Remember this step - you can use it for making materials (like clothes) black.


I just wanted to do skirt black, no whole model. So mask desired fragments.


Step 21

For good taste, add Brightness/Contrast layer and make it clippy. Set it as is shown:


Step 22

Good job! I hope this isn't too boring for you. Now it's time to make gown. Every warrior have a gown, isn't it? :) Place gothic bridal stock and transform it (ctrl +T, then use warp mode from top menu).


Mask top of the stock. Erase material below skin of hands by soft brush :).


Step 23

Create new layer. Use big, white, soft brush to make lights on gown. Remember about light source.


Decrease opacity to 30%.


Step 24

Add new layer. Use smaller brush and create highlights on drapery.


Change opacity to 65%.


Step 25

Now shadows. Create new layer. Use black, soft brush with decreased to 60% opacity. Draw some strokes on the folds and on the armor.

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