How to Create an Infernal Scene in Photoshop

How to Create an Infernal Scene in Photoshop
How to Create an Infernal Scene in Photoshop

Create another new layer with a clipping mask above the previous layer within this folder. Set this new layer to overlay. Take a very soft round brush set to about 20%. Paint more soft red around the window as indicated by the red arrows. To give more vivid highlight, I duplicate the layer.


Here is the order of the layers will look in the layer panel.


And here is the result:


Step 26

Here is the final steps we should make: make sure we are active on the topmost layer (layer channel mixer). Hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E to merge all the visible layers into a single new layer. When we are active on this new layer, go to layer > smart object > convert to smart object. This will change the new layer into a smart object. Now go to filter > others > high pass. This will give the smart object layer filter high pass. Set the value as following:


Change the smart filter blending option to multiply at about 60% opacity


Here is the result:


Now be active on the filter mask thumbnail. Take a very soft round brush to mask areas on the scene. The areas highlighted in red are where we should mask.


That’s the end of this tutorial:


Final Results

final result[1]

Download the PSD

Tutorial by Dek Wid

profileThank you for following this tutorial! Hope that you learn something today and happy photoshopping. Wid's side - My personal blog

- Dek Wid

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