Create a Vivid Winter Aurora Landscape

Create a Vivid Winter Aurora Landscape

Create a Vivid Winter Aurora Landscape

Step 26

To make reflected light from the sky to the scene, I add two layers on the top. On the first I use brush with color #f79ead with opacity from 40% to 80% to paint on the sky, the edges of the mountain, on the bear, ground and trees. Set the mode of this layer to Soft Light 100%:


On the second I continue using this brush to paint on parts like on the first layer, remember to vary brush opacity to get more natural result:


Step 27

Create some new adjustment layers on the top to enhance color, saturation and increase the vibrance of the whole picture:


On Color Balance layer mask I use brush to reduce cyan on some parts below:


Step 28

There is a small detail we need to take care of. You may notice that we have a small stick on foreground. I don't want to remove it with Clone Tool as I want to keep more details for this part. It needs a shadow! To do it I make a new layer within foreground group (above 1 and 2), use Pen Tool to make a line on the ground and stroke it with black brush, 1 px:


Apply Gaussian Blur with 1 px and blur the top of this shadow with layer mask:


Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Jenny Le

avatar02Thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope it useful for you. If you want to view my other arts and tutorials you can follow me on Facebook or visit my website . Enjoy photoshopping!

- Jenny

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  1. OMG!! What a humongous polar bear!

    Not bad for a tut but you need to learn perspective... unless you intentionally decided to make a dinosaur-sized polar bear.

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