Golden Snake and the Dark Wildwood Painting

Golden Snake and the Dark Wildwood Painting
Golden Snake and the Dark Wildwood Painting

Step 5 - Color Palette

The second step here you to choose the main colors for you scene .A very important stage in creating your artwork is to decide which color solution is best for that your painting. The first thing that comes to mind with a snake in golden colors. Background is cold and I decide to give it a real night color, which has an added surprise because dark blue is also a natural sign of a dark mysterious night.


Step 6 - Creating the Layers

Now I'm going to show you some important knowledge about layers. I named my new layer name as "sketch" And now here as you see I have 3 layers. You must do the same on your own project. And now the first layer is for my signature. You can add a signature your image too.. On the next steps I'm going to create some more layers. The reason for painting on such new layers because of you need to make corrections later in the painting. It is much easier to fix errors if the main elements of your painting are separate entities. This step is really really very important.


Step 7 - Working On The Background Color

At this point, we can start coloring the sketch work. Here is my color for the background. Select the Gradient Tool (G) and do as you see on the picture.


Step 8

Now is the time to determine the look of the background that you are going for. For the background, start by using the Gradient tool (G). After you filled the background, it must be like this.


Step 9

Before continue the painting process let me show you my layer order again. I have created some new layers. Here are my layers for the image. I just changed the order of the layers because sketch layer must be on the top of all layers and its setting must be arranged to Multiply. At this point, we can start coloring the sketch work and you can define the main shapes . Don't focus in on any one area, just start throwing down some shading to bring the volumes out.


Step 10

Now here as you see I have created a new layer. And you name it as "stone" or "rock" I am coloring the rock and painting the top of the rock with a blue and some dark colors. I'm going to color characters at the next step.

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