Golden Snake and the Dark Wildwood Painting

Golden Snake and the Dark Wildwood Painting

Golden Snake and the Dark Wildwood Painting

Step 22

I'll now begin to detail the snake character, adding more yellow and green colors. By the way don't forget at this step you don't have to over detail everything. At this point I kept working on main details and lights, until I got a nice and contrast. Sometimes I have to change some colors. I am pretty much finished with painting it's body.


Step 23

At this point I realized that my both characters are looking very simple and not so good, so I thought it was time to make some changes about the details of the snake character . I try some different outlook for it. And I continue to adding more details. I also would like to add some more details on the top of the image.


Step 24

Now we can start out small details for our characters. I also used Color Dodge for the bright areas. This is how it looks once all the adjustments are done with the Color Dodge and Burn tool.


Step 25

And also I do want to show you how I added those shiny areas on my snake character too. it is very easy :) I used Color Dodge for this effect. I always use this when I want to add some light areas on my illustrations. Let me show you how I did choose the Color Dodge.


Step 26

And I do add some strokes with the Smudge (R) tool too. I use this because I want to add soft blurry areas on the tree and the background. You can also use this tool for the character.


Step 27:

And with the Smudge (R) tool I just make some little blurry shapes on the tail of the character.



And here's the final image, I hope you found this Tutorial interesting.


Authors Comment

profileI hope you found this tutorial informative, hopefully you can use some of the techniques here for your own painting. Practice and have fun!


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