How to Render a Professional Audi R8 in Photoshop

How to Render a Professional Audi R8 in Photoshop

How to Render a Professional Audi R8 in Photoshop

Step 7 - Ground Plane

Select the area just in front of the car and fill that in with black then reduce the opacity until you get a second shadow falling.


Step 8 - Gradients

Use the magic wand to select the lower part of the car from the shoulder-line downwards.

Select the brush tool and select soft round pressure size. Make the colour black and change the flow to about 5.

With the area selected stroke a gradient as shown. The more you stroke the darker it will get.


Step 9 - Door Shape

Add a gradient to suggest that the door has some body section and an air intake just behind the door.


Step 10 - Wing Mirror Shadow

Add a gradient for the shadow being cast by the wing mirror and just underneath the shoulder to illustrate the undercut in the door.


Step 11 - Beltline Gradients

Add gradients in the beltline areas and hood to give it more shape.


Step 12 - Ground Plane Shadow

Add a gradient to the bottom of the car.


Step 13 - Blade Detail

Continue to add gradients with a combination of a layer mask so you can quickly add and subtract colour as required.


Step 14 - Strip Light Reflections

Car design studios have strip lights in them to make it easy to read a cars design language. Imagine how the light would fall on the car if it was standing in line with them.


Step 15 - Exhaust 1

Select the exhaust pipe housing and fill in the dark areas. Then select the exhaust pipe itself and stroke some horizontal paths along it to give it a chrome like appearance.


Step 16 - Exhaust 2

Add some dark gradient to the lower inner edge of the exhaust.


Step 17 - Exhaust 3

Select the outer-most boundary of the exhaust and expand the selection. Select inverse and add a gradient to the bottom right area to make it look like it slightly swollen for the exhaust.


Step 18 - Exhaust 4

Finally add some some white to the exhaust to make it look more like chrome.


Step 19 - Back Light 1

Fill in the whole light with a red colour.


Step 20 - Back Light 2

Add a gradient from the left side fading into nothing on the right.


Step 21 - Back Light 3

Create a new opacity mask on the layer with the gradient and scribble some lines as shown. This demonstrates a reflective nature of a light can.


Step 22 - Back Light 4

Add a white gradient from the left to give it the appearance of light coming in from the left.


Step 23 - Head Light 1

Select the outer frame of the light and add some gradient.


Step 24 - Head Light 2

Select the inner area of the light and add some gradient to the top.

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