The Secret

The Secret

The Secret

Step 14

Now this seal is looking a little flat, so lets apply a drop shadow using the settings below.


Step 15

Make another layer above the wax seal and using the type tool, type your favorite word in Edwardian Script font size 188pt. Position the text so that the first letter of the word is in the center of wax seal.


Step 16

Give the text a nice outer glow in Layer Style by double clicking the layer.


Step 17

Locate some light burst brushes and make a layer below the wax seal and text layers. This will make the wax seal and text stand out.


Step 18

Alternatively, you can just apply an outer glow to the wax seal using the settings below.


Step 19

Make another text layer above all the rest and write your favorite quote or phrase in Edwardian script and in 120 pt. Apply an outer glow to this text using the default settings and position this text to the bottom left of the image.


Final Results

Congratulations! There you have it, your own secret inspired background! Enjoy and Good luck!


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