In this tutorial by Denny’s Tips, you’ll learn how to achieve the pastel teal and yellow look inspired by Ben Thomas. Although this is a Lightroom tutorial, you can still follow it in Photoshop using the Camera Raw filter (Filter > Camera Raw). This is a quick tutorial that will show you how to create flat tones and shift the colors towards teal, yellow and pink. Because the color changes are so drastic, you have to combine the hue adjustment in both the HSL and Camera Calibration settings. It’s an interesting technique that can be adapted to create many other color combinations.

Also mentioned in the video are also 5 presets that you can download for free. Simply copy them to your Develop settings folder and they’ll appear in Lightroom’s presets panel. These presets work for both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom.

3 responses to “How to Apply a Pastel Effect To Your Photos”

  1. James Swinburne Avatar
    James Swinburne

    Amazing! thank you! :)

  2. Sue Bowen Avatar
    Sue Bowen

    I want to try to improve quality of photos and was told photoshop or . I haven’t used Photoshop before can this be done ?.

  3. Alastair Martin Avatar
    Alastair Martin

    not sure if anyone can help me with this – i have been teaching myself as much about different photoshop techniques for the past 3 months – am getting there slowly but surely. I am however having problems creating the effect in the photo below – anyone possibly point me in the direction of a tutorial for this effect for a project I am working on?

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