Step 14 : Creating Footer and Finishing

Make a selection for the footer and fill it with a grey value.


Apply Color Overlay.


Finally add footer navigation and copyright info. And that concludes the session. Take a look at the final image.


Final Results

website template

Header image provided by DepositPhoto

Download the PSD

Tutorial by Niranth M

profileI am a Graphic Designer and a wannabe VFX artist. Worked extensively in the Web design industry. Thank you for following this tutorial. Hope you learned something and had fun reading this tutorial.

– niranth

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Useful tutorial

A K Sharma

Hi Dear

It was a wonderful tutorial that I have seen on the web . I tried to copy the entire process but I faced a problem in maintaining the proportions of the type size. your size set for the logotype with size 40 is so big in my Photoshop that I discard the Idea of keeping same size and I used the font size according to my assumption.

I used 14 pt to maintain the size of the logo type to fit on the top . I reduced the size of the “Home” to “Contact”, means navigation bar to only 4 pt to look good.

Now would you please help me in explaining how did it happen and what is wrong with this size ?

I will be really thankful to your for your co-operation

Photoshop Tutorials Staff

Go to Image > Image Size and make sure that your document is 72dpi. Here’s an explanation:


Good evening, finally I got a tutorial about photo manipulation in photshop, this tutorial is very good for me and people who visit this website, thank you for the tutorial, stay safe and keep it healthy.

Andika Aprianus

Thank you for the article. You explained it well, very detailed at each stage of the stages, I might be a little layman with Photoshop. but this article made me looks more skilled. the best is the results have been provided.
I hope you make a new tutorial with themes that may be more different and different concepts. thank you


Nice tutorial Thank you


Hi, im a beginner at photoshop. And i’m stuck at making highlight line at step 3. I can’t change the line color to gradient. It keep the color i choose before i draw the line

Photoshop Tutorials Staff

Sorry I don’t quite understand which part you’re stuck on. Can you elaborate on what you’re doing?


Hello, you can fix that by ading a mask to the layer itself.

Make sure that you click on the gradient tool(G) then go to the layers panel and choose the line layer and add a mask to it. then click on mask and apply the gradient with same colors in the tutorial above.

It will very helpfull for you to understand how mask works, so i reccomand you learn a bit about it,



good job


The tutorial is very great
But how can we add the HTML an links


thank you!!

Albert Sandoval

This tutorial is great for using photoshop.


Thanks! A tutorial how to get html css code for this template would be great!


There are so many free theses out there for web layouts, I am not even sure I would spend the time it takes to create my own :)


Thank you! Great lesson! Very informative!

Ajish Cheriyan

Wow, its really amazing what you did. Great tutorial, I like to us the information for my future website designs.


its awesome, thank you!



I understand this is a design tutorial…but is there a tutorial for turning the design into an actual website with the coding and stuff?


No step for how to add guidelines,for selection !!!


This tutorial is really nice…Can anyone tell me how to convert these psd files to codings….and run it on my browser……………….?


I’m really lost with this step “Blend the pattern smoothly into the header. Add a Layer Mask to the pattern layer. Pick a soft brush and paint with a large soft brush. Pick #ffffff for brush color. Reduce the brush Opacity to about 60% and paint. If you find it too strong then adjust the layer opacity individually.” … is there another tutorial I should look at to understand layer masks? Thanks!


Some technical change or creative steps can improve the design than what are shown here as tutorial. I believe tutorial are just an example or way, if someone can walk well maintaining that way and look around the road, the learner can make something more appealing design. BTW…this was help thought. Thanks :)

Shohel Rana

This is a great tutorial indeed on creating professional and eye catching website layout. Thank you for sharing.


thanks for this tutorial

Graphic Experts

I’m so late to your post but the post is really immortal. I enjoy your post. Thanks


great tutorial

margaret karanja

I was unable to use the colors but i have achieve the procedure with
differents colors

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