WebZap Review: Create 960 Grid Layouts in a Zap

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  1. Maidul Islam says:

    wow.. Fantastic steps.. I really like it. keep up :-)

  2. les says:

    Nice review but I disagree that it’s a “must-have”.

    I got this but still rather design from scratch using a 960 grid PSD.

    1. Rits says:

      I agree!

  3. Justin Hodges says:

    Can you add a picture as the background?
    Like when I put this theme into wordpress will it be fully editable

    1. Linda McPherson says:

      I don’t think so. It’s more of a visual template creator, you need to code it to HTML for yourself.

  4. Guest says:

    Is there a free trial?

    1. dennytang says:

      Don’t think there’s a free trial :(

    2. roflcopter says:

      Lol it’s 15 bucks, cmon …

    3. Joshua says:

      $15 is $15 man

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