How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

Duplicate again the blur layer as many times as needed. Keep on messing around with warping each duplication layer to create different shapes. Here is the result I created:


Cut out a part of the umbrella stick. Alter the shape of the cut out like the one I did. This shape is supposed to be the body of the bird.


Now we have complete parts of a bird. What we are doing now is joining the parts into one single bird's body.


Step 5 (Creating Butterflies)

With similar ways as the ones we do in creating the bird, we can create the other creature out of the same umbrella picture provided. This is the wing of butterfly I created:


We need to create the body of the butterfly. Create a new later (Shift+Ctrl+N). on this new layer, paint the body with dark green color. To define the shadow and highlight of the body, apply dodge and burn tool to it. Use the setting of the tool as the ones we use in creating flowers.:


Now add the wings to the body:


Here is the other butterfly I created:


Step 6 (Creating Hills)

In this step on, we will create hills for the background of the picture. Go again to the cropped umbrella. Cut out the stick. Then, duplicate it some times as needed. Merge the duplications into a single shape.


With the new single layer selected, go again to filter > liquify to alter and tweak the shape of it into one that looks like a hill.


Next, let's enchant the look of the hill by smudging it. Activate the smudge tool. Use a very soft round brush for the smudge at 70-80% strength. Smudge the lines of the shape. Try to vary the size of the brush at between 8-10 pixel.


Duplicate the hill layer as many as needed. Scale the size of each duplication into the one needed and then arrange them to create a single hill.


Step 7 (Dead Tree)

The last object we will prepare for the scene is a tree. We still use the cropped umbrella to create the tree. After doing duplicating the stick of it, merging the duplication and then altering the shape with liquify tool, I created these shapes which are supposed to be the stem and branch of the tree.


Now, arrange the shapes into a single tree. First, duplicate the stem and place the duplication behind the original one. Then, add the branch to the stem. After that, duplicate the branch and scale the duplication down a bit. Place it to the right side of the stem. See the result shown in the illustration picture.


I decided to hide some parts in the tree by masking them to get the result like I did in the illustration picture:


Step 8 (Creating Background)

We have created some objects needed to fill the composition of the photo manipulation we are going to create. Start with creating a new document (Ctrl+N) with the following size:


Activate gradient tool and set the gradient to linear gradient. Fill the new document with gradient of #474af9 and #070b7d by clicking and dragging the gradient tool from the top down to bottom.


Now create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) above the background. Make sure to set the color of foreground to #d3d3d4 and #b0b1f9 for the background. Go to filter > render > cloud. This will fill the layer with cloud. I named this layer cloud. Set the blending of this layer to overlay at 100% opacity.


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  2. This tutorial once again proves what can be done when the versatility and power of Photoshop and the creativity of the human brain join forces. Great job! All of that splendor created with one umbrella.............Who would have imagined. The best part is that only basic tools were used to create the wonderful work of art. Adobe Instructors should use tutorials like this to illustrate what the tools are capable of...........Amazing. I love photoshop even more.

  3. Dek Wid, Really nice this is something new technique to draw objects for me. keep your good work.

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