How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

Create another new layer. Fill this layer with linear gradient of #faea94 and #fcb406. I named this layer gradient. Set this layer's blending to multiply at 100% opacity.


Create again a new layer. Take brush tool in the tool panel. Set the brush to normal mode at 100% opacity. Choose a very soft round brush and then, with white color set to foreground, click the brush on the new layer to create a white soft circle on it. I named this layer white. Keep it at 100% normal blending.


In this step we will proceed in setting color of the background. Firstly, create another new layer on which we will paint color of # fab730. Use a very soft round brush for this step. I named this layer orange. Set it to soft light at 100% opacity. Next, on another new layer, paint another color of #fcb305. Use a very soft round brush set to 40-50% opacity. I named this layer soft orange. Set this soft orange layer to multiply at 100% opacity. Duplicate it one time and set the duplication layer to color dodge blending at 100% opacity. Finally, create another new layer on which we will also paint another color of light yellow (#fae603). I named this layer yellow. Set this layer to color blending at 100% opacity.


Step 9 (Adding Moon)

We will create moon on the scene. To do this, create again a new layer. With white color, paint a circle almost in the mid of the scene. Set this layer to normal at 25% opacity. I named this layer moon.


Duplicate the moon layer. Then go to layer > layer style. Please see the illustration picture for setting of layer styles used. Then, set this layer to normal. Reduce its opacity to 52%.


Step 10

Finally, we will give an adjustment layer to the scene. Go to layer > new adjustment layer > color balance.


Step 11

After creating the background, we will add the objects we have created in previous steps. Firstly, we add the hill. Scale the hill to fit the size we want. Place it to fill the composition on the right. Finally set it to normal at 19% opacity.


Step 12

Duplicate the hill and place the duplication on the left


Step 13

Now add some trees on the canvas. Use the given tree brush to paint them.


Step 14

Add another object to the canvas: tree. Give more highlight to some parts of the tree. Use dodge tool to do this step. Please refer back to previous steps for the setting of the dodge tool.


Step 15

Finally, alter the color of the tree by applying a new adjustment layer to it. I gave it hue/saturation. Give this layer clipping mask.


Step 16

Next, open the texture image. Place this texture layer above the tree and hue/saturation layer. Give also this texture layer a clipping mask. Finally, set it to overlay at 100% opacity.


Step 17

Create a new layer under the tree layer. Take brush tool and choose default grass brush to paint some brush on this new layer. See the illustration picture for our inspiration:


Step 18

Add the bird to scene. Scale the size of it to fit the composition.


Step 19

Duplicate the bird. Tweak the duplication bird by wrapping a bit in order not to look uniform with the original one. Alter the color of the duplication by applying hue/saturation on it.


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  2. This tutorial once again proves what can be done when the versatility and power of Photoshop and the creativity of the human brain join forces. Great job! All of that splendor created with one umbrella.............Who would have imagined. The best part is that only basic tools were used to create the wonderful work of art. Adobe Instructors should use tutorials like this to illustrate what the tools are capable of...........Amazing. I love photoshop even more.

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