How to Create a Medieval Movie Poster in Photoshop

How to Create a Medieval Movie Poster in Photoshop
Repeat Steps 43 and 44 for the army on the right. Apply a Color Balance Adjustment layer and try to match the color tone of the knights with the background.

Step 45

Because I want to add some more spectacle to the composition, download and open the Fireballs image, drag it into our composition and set the Layer Mode to Screen. Resize and divide the fireballs into three individual layers. Because the blending mode of these layers have been set to Screen, they will work best on dark backgrounds so I have placed all three fireballs on top of the European knight folder.
If you are satisfied with the placements of all three layers, then go ahead and merge them. Photoshop will automatically revert the Blending Mode to normal but you will have to set it back to Screen. We will get back to this section later.

Step 46

Now it is time to start working on the title of this fictional poster. For this type of work I have decided to use the Old English Text MT which is an old school font that really fits the whole medieval style. If you have followed every step of this tutorial, then you probably used the original resolution as shown in Step 1 so type the name Infictus with a size of 405pt.
Since the tutorial is rather lengthy to follow for some, we will need to apply several Layer Styles for the effect to work so double-click on the right of the text layer within the Layer Menu and apply the following styles:
I have used a simple grey to white gradient to give the stroke a bit of a 3D look. That should be it for this text layer!

Step 47

I have already written a tutorial called "How to Create a Movie Poster Billing Block in Photoshop", so go ahead and implement it into the composition.

Step 48

Now that the text is out of the way we can focus on adding the finishing touches. Download any photographs of my Sparks Stock Photograph Set and basically repeat the techniques we have used for the fireballs in Step 45. While this step may seem short, don't be fooled as it still is a lot of work to individually rotate and alter every spark. Use these same sparks to create a trail for the fireballs.

Final Results


Download the PSD

Medieval Movie | 9 MB

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