How to Create a Medieval Movie Poster in Photoshop

How to Create a Medieval Movie Poster in Photoshop

Step 18

We are going to place a background so we have a better view of what the composition is going to look like. Download and open the Sunset Sky image and drag it below all of the layers, place the image as shown.

Step 19

Download and open the Langdale image and place it below the Tuscan Farm layer as shown below. Highlighted in red are the mountains which are going to be edited later on.

Step 20

This is where the fun part starts! We are going to manipulate the two landscape images by blending them together. Disable the view of the Tuscany Farm image, by doing this we will have a better view when we are editing the Langdale image. Not only are we going to use the mountains but also the land itself for the battlefield. Before we can do that, we need to clone some of the land and get rid of the sheep and fences. Grab the Clone Stamp tool (S) and zoom in by 300%. Clone the land by pressing Alt right next to the sheep you want to remove, then simply brush over the sheep and it will disapear when done correctly.
Once you're done with the sheep, go ahead and remove all fence posts and farm houses. If done correctly, you should end up with this;

Step 21

Select the Tuscany Farm image and click once on the Layer Mask to select it. What we are going to do now is blend the two landscapes together. Grab a large Soft Round brush as this will help the blending a lot better. Zoom in at the bottom of the Tuscan hill and simply start painting over the entire bottom area (the Tuscan ground), zoom in by 300% if you want to get the detailing right (trees, fences etc.), vary between brush sizes for this. I have lowered the Opacity of the Tuscan Farm image for better viewing, the red line indicates the figurative border you that really shouldn't cross!

Step 22

We need to separate the land from the mountains as we are about to apply color correction. Select the Langdale image, grab theRectangular Marquee Selection tool (M) and select the ground section. Right-click and create a copy.

Step 23

With the copied land layer selected, go to the bottom of the Layer Menu and add a Color Balance Adjustment layer. By default, thisAdjustment layer opens in the Midtones Channel which we will need to change to blend the photographs together.

Step 24

Select the original Langdale layer and add a Layer Mask to the image. Grab a large Soft Round brush and paint away the entire right side of the clouds and atmosphere area.
You might have noticed that the shield of the European knight is cut off but that won't be a problem as it will be blocked from our view in the next steps.

Step 25

Download and open the Renfair Stock Battle image in Photoshop and cut out the left and middle knight by using the Pen tool (P) again. This image is slightly problematic as both knights have their feet and legs in the grass which prevents us from creating a clean mask. Just cut around their limbs and around the head of the long-haired knight as there is no way we're going to get a clean mask. Scale the image as shown below.

Step 26

Now we are going to add a small army on both sides of the battlefield. First download and open the Medieval Knights photograph and cut them out by using the Pen tool (P) and place them on the left side of the poster. Repeat this step with the Knightly Tournament photograph but place these on the right.

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