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How to Create a Surreal Flying Brain Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

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  1. Adrianoh says:

    Thanks for this tutorial…I got stuck in some parts, specially on step 23 and also I skip or did some steps a bit different (layer order) but result was almost the same (except for the glow above the mountain)…anyway Im happy to be able to do this without much issue since I started learning photoshop one month ago. tks again, Adriano

  2. IvyAshe says:

    Dani, I didn’t know you did tutorials outside of dA – this is awesome! 

  3. Rejis says:

    Results are nice.
    Keep posting good tuts

  4. VinceQuintero says:

    nice bro!…

  5. DzulmarEGG says:

    Wow! This is very nice Bro! invited eko15_p

    1. Dany_Owergoor says:

      @DzulmarEGG  eko15_p  Thank you so much for the attention!

  6. Ayaron says:


  7. Ayaron says:


    1. Dany_Owergoor says:

      @Ayaron You’re welcome!

  8. PBX says:

    Wonderful! But it’s quite hard for a beginner like me.

    1. Dany_Owergoor says:

      @ PBX I understand, but breathe… take your time and try to do it slowly, I try to build my tutorials well detailed, step by step, just try, I believe you!  :D

  9. nue110 says:

    Wonderful, Wonderful tutorial. So creative and interesting Technics. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Dany_Owergoor says:

      @nue110 Thank you for your kind words, dear!

  10. Nully says:

    Wonderful tutorial, very beautiful and creative thank you so much for sharing it!

    1. Dany_Owergoor says:

      @Nully Thank you so much, hope this tutorial can be useful.

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