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Playing with Glows and Blurs – Fairy in the Woods Photoshop Tutorial


Step 22

Again add new layer and make it clippy. With soft brush (dark-blue color) draw shadows on arm, dress and on her back.


Step 23

For better results change blending mode of this layer to Multiply.


Step 24

Add new layer. Pick small, soft brush. Draw lights on trees. Use small opacity of brush.


Step 25

Add new layer. Then pick Clone Stamp Tool. Sample current and below layers. Use big, soft brush and with holding alt choose right side of picture. Click to stamp it on first plan, behind the model.


Step 26

Click on this layer with RMB, pick Convert to Smart Object.


Step 27

From top menu choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.


Step 28

Click on white canvas next to “Smart filters”. Mask filters.


Step 29

Add new layer. Pick soft, small brush and draw lights on hair.


Optional – You can also add more lights on hair. Use the same brush, but lighter colors.


Step 30

On new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) draw light source. Use soft, blue brush.


Step 31

From top menu choose Filter > Blur > Motion blur. It gives flow to your light. Set it as shown.


Step 32

Add on this layer Gaussian blur. Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.


Step 33

After those transforms change blending mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and decrease opacity of this layer to 35%.


Step 34

Place drappery stock and transform it as is shown.


Then mask it. Use brush with smaller opacity for make semi-transparent drappery fragments.


Step 35

From top menu choose Filter > Gaussian blur.


Step 36

Mask Smart Filters. I masked farthest fragments of drappery.


Step 37

Add adjustment layer with Color/Balance. Make it clippy to drappery layer.


Step 38

Now you will absolutely change drappery color. Add clipping Hue/Saturation layer.


Step 39

Add new, blank, clipping layer. With soft brush draw lights on drappery. Remember about using dynamic opacity brush.


Step 40

Add new layer. Pick small, soft brush and draw light contour on model and drappery. With bigger soft brush you can also add lights on folds.


Step 41

It’s time to make wings. Place fae wings to your picture. Transform it.


Step 42

In color picker set colors #5ab9df and #2d265b. Add adjustment layer with gradient fill. Set it as shown. Then make it clippy by clicking with RMB on gradient layer and choosing Create clipping mask.


Step 43

Change wings layer (not gradient!) blending mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and decrease opacity to 50%.


Step 44

By holding ctrl pick two layers – wings and gradient. Drag and drop to symbol of new layer – it should duplicate those layers.


Step 45

Change blending mode of duplicated layer to Color dodge (wings, not gradient!). As you can see I placed layers to folder – left and right wings.


Step 46

Duplicate layers with first wing (four) – or whole folder (if you placed wing to folder). Then transform it.


Step 47

Add Adjustment layer with gradient. Use black and light blue color.


Step 48

Keep doing good job! Change blending mode to Color dodge. Decrease opacity to 26%.

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