Retouch Basics for Graphic Designers and Photographers

Retouch Basics for Graphic Designers and Photographers

Step 2

Now you'll be working on duplicated layer. Choose Clone Stamp Tool. Use soft brush. Hold alt and pick cleaner fragments of skin. Then use stamp tool under her eyes, erase freckles and wrinkles. (Feel like plastic surgeon.) You should play with brush size.


Step 3

Go to her forehead. Also with clone stamp tool erase hair strands and wrinkles. Use smaller brush.


Step 4

Duplicate layer when clone tool was used. From top menu choose Blur > Gaussian blur.


Step 5

Add mask to this layer. Mask everything, but except face and neck. Mask eyes, hair, lips and nose. Facial features will be more detailed, than skin.


Step 6

Decrease opacity of this layer to 70%.

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  1. Ich hatte der Zeit nur mitbekommen, er sollte sein amateur dreier Studium Amerika gemacht und Japan für einen Elektronikkonzern gearbeitet haben.

  2. Directions are very unclear. Fragmented sentence and simple directions does not provide the correct way to navigate through photoshop at all. I was very hard to follow these directions without knowing every single little tool in photoshop. Photoshop fucks you up if you don't have everything exactly correct.

  3. Looks just like an advertisement! Very well done. This has certainly given me some good clues into photo retouching.

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