Create a Cartoon-Style Graffiti Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Cartoon-Style Graffiti Text Effect in Photoshop

Step 20

Go to your "Cloud copy" layer and place it underneath the original cloud layer and change the opacity of this layer to 27%. Also maneuver this layer a bit so that the shadow shows.

Step 21

Create a new layer for the inner cloud grab a hard round brush of different sizes and create a cloud. I used the color #8cb809

Step 22

Add these layer styles to this layer

Step 23

Create a new layer and add some shine to this cloud layer with a small soft round brush. I used the smudge tool also to stretch out highlights

Step 24

Now I will show you how to create the background. First Create a New Document

Step 25

Grab your rounded rectanlge tool and make a rectangle. The color I'm using is #8cb809 Radius: 21px

Step 26

Add a Stroke in the layer style panel

Step 27

Make multiple duplicates of the brick. Note: Make sure to overlap the bricks so that there is no white background showing.

Step 28

Create a new layer above the bricks and with a 60px #000000 soft round brush apply shadow to the bricks. Change this layer's Opacity to 27%.

Step 29

Go to Edit>Define Pattern and name it bricks, click ok. Go back to your graffiti document. Create a New Layer underneath your cloud layers. Fill this layer with #FFFFFF. Change this layer Fill to 0%. Add these layer styles

Step 30

Create a new layer and randomly add highlights to the bricks. I used a soft round brush and the smudge tool to smooth it out.

Step 31

Now for the light streaks. Create a New layer above your text and grab your pen tool. Prior to making your light streaks set your brush tool to 87px.

Step 32

Once you have created the light streak with the pen tool, right-click the path>Stroke Path (make sure that the 'Stimulate Pressure' box is checked)

Step 33

Add a Outer Glow

Step 34

Create another light streak

Step 35

Create a new layer and add some stars from the brushes you downloaded earlier.

Final Results


Download the PSD

Graffiti | 16.32 MB Download from Website

Authors Comment

profileThank you for following my tutorial. I'm a 21 year old Graphic Design student. I wanted to create something dealing with graffiti because I've always loved that style. Enjoy! - Ashlee

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  1. Fantastic tutorial, thank you. Used it in my Graphic Design assessment, it made all the difference.

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