Retro Text

Retro Text

Step 13

Next, with the either the polygonal lasso or the marquee, hold Alt+Shift to change it to intersect mode which will select only the parts included in both selections. Now draw round the part of T2 which you want removed, there's no need to be neat, just draw a box like the one shown in purple. This is so that when we remove it it will only apply to this one letter then we can go on and do the other letters after. Again I've shown the resulting selection below.

Step 14

Now go select>modify>expand and choose 3px as the value. Select the T2 layer and hold Alt and click on the add layer mask button in the layers panel, this will create a layer mask then fill the selection in black, if we were to just click on the layer mask button we would get everything except the selection filled black. Below is what your letter should now look like.

Step 15

Do this for any other letters that have two layers so for mine I had to do it to E.T, Note that after you've refined the selection you don't want want to make another mask so instead select the mask then hit D to reset the foreground and background colors then hit Alt+Backspace to fill the selection black. Alt+Backspace is a shortcut for filling something with the foreground color and is quicker than going edit>fill or Shift+F5.

Step 16

Now you can move certain parts of your text to get the spacing right. Lastly select T2 and hit Ctrl+E to merge it with T1 then right click and convert to a smart object. Below I've shown the finalized text.

Step 17

This next part shows how I created the background and is optional as I'm sure you can think of much more creative thing to use for a background. Well firstly I pasted in an Image of cardboard then desaturated it.

Step 18

Next I made a very dark radial gradient then set it to 75% multiply.

Step 19

Now go layer>video layer>new video layer from file and choose one of the videos you downloaded. Now go window>animation to bring up the animation panel. You will now have what looks like a histogram of the time, all except one of the layers should have an infinite time, the one that doesn't is your video layer and should be at the top. Move the time slider to the end of this layer, see the image below for reference. You will see that the animation will move, the reason we moved the slider to the end was because if you watch it you will see that the last 10 seconds include every part of the animation.

Step 20

Now hit Ctrl+T to enter free transform mode, a warning should pop up just press convert and it should change to a smart object. Next move, rotate and scle it then put it above part of your text, here I put it above the first R.

Step 21

Now we are going to mask it, I used similar techniques to what we used when masking the letters. Note that when you mask a video layer it does this in every frame. Ctrl+click on the text layer to make a selection then get the polygonal lasso tool out, hold Alt+Shift to go to intersect mode then draw roughly round the part you want to hide behind the letters like shown below; the purple line being the selection I made.

Step 22

Now mask the video layer in exactly the same way as in step 14 and 15. Do this for some other parts of the animation.

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  1. Finally got it. Wasn't the easiest but I recommend it just for the fact that it teaches you how to make a vector.

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