Photoshop Shortcut Stickers Review

Photoshop Shortcut Stickers Review
Want to use Photoshop faster? Shortcut Stickers sent us their stickers designed to make learning Photoshop hotkeys easier and we’re trying them out on our Mac and PC keyboards. Read this review to see if these stickers can help you learn Photoshop hotkeys faster!


If you want to work faster in Photoshop, these shortcut stickers can help you learn the hot keys. They’re stickers that you place on your keyboard which encourages you to use hotkeys. It’s a great learning tool and they also make your keyboard look awesome.

Photoshop shortcut stickers Photoshop Shortcut Stickers

Applying Shortcut Stickers

Shortcut Stickers on a MacBook

Shortcut Stickers on a Windows keyboard (Logitech G110) Shortcut Stickers on a Windows keyboard (Logitech G110)

Quality and Compatibility

These stickers are made from thick (0.16mm) UV and water resistant vinyl and coated with a protective varnish. This means that you can use them outside in the sun without worrying about the stickers fading. The stickers don’t warp when wet and if at anytime you want to peel them off, they won’t leave messy bits of stickers around. Shortcut stickers are compatible with Macs and PCs for both US and UK QWERTY keyboards. There are even some half-height and full-height stickers.

Close-up of Shortcut Keys

Half and full-height stickers Half and full-height stickers

These stickers can be bent to fit shorter keys

They also conform to irregular keys

Do they Work?

As an experienced Photoshop user, I always recommend getting into the habit of using hotkeys whenever possible and these stickers can make it easier. Even applying the stickers to your keyboard is a learning process - there were a few hotkeys I learnt. The stickers are $9.99 with free shipping and that’s not a bad price to make learning Photoshop easier. They’re also great for protecting your keyboard from wear and tear.

Photoshop Shortcut Stickers

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  1. How water-resistant is this? I wash my keyboard from time to time and I'm looking for something that can stand regular keyboard washes

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