Step 26 – adjustments

Use the layer mode in soft light and reduce the saturation to -40.


Step 27 – Model

To hide the original background of the model, you have to use the polygonal lasso tool and select only the model.


Step 28 – Layer Mask

Now add a layer mask to the image, In that way the selection you made is going to be the only thing you see.


Step 29 – Dress

Duplicate the layer and select only the model’s dress using the same technique as before. Using layer mask and with the brush hide the undesired parts.


Step 30 –

Now go the the layer mask and choose the option add mask to the selection to have an editable layer of the dress.


Step 31 – Change size and color.

Now press Ctrl +T give a right click and choose the option warp to modify the dress, press enter when you are done to save the changes.


Step 32 – Converting

Convert the dress layer into a smart object pressing right click in the layer thumbnail and then selecting the option Convert Smart Object.


Step 33 – Black dress

To make the model’s dress black you have to reduce the saturation to -100.


Step 34- make up

Now for the make up I just paint over the model’s face with pink tones in the cheeks and lips and some brown in the eyebrows. Also add some eye shadows.


Step 35 – Hair

You can paint the hair with the help of some hair brushes pen tool or tablet.


Step 36 – City lights

Now to make the city lights, create a new layer and with a soft round brush paint to create lights. You can use the brush in 5 px or less.


Step 37 – Blur

Go to filter – blur – Gaussian blur and select 2 px radius to give a softer look. Also you can use the eraser with 30% of opacity in some parts to blend the lights.



  1. madam..excellent creative work nearly 50 steps to create that final image what a Patience. I am just beginner in Photoshop and its most helpful to me your working steps…thankyou

  2. Andrea excellent tutorial, I admire your work very much you are very talent and an artist. Your friend José.

  3. I like your tutorials but you have broken deviantart links. I much prefer stock that are not from deviantart because they disappear and the owners have usage rules that make them difficult to use.