Step 38 – Sky

Put a layer of a sky and add a layer mask to it.


Step 39 – Hide

Hide all the blue parts and just leave like this:


Step 40 – Layer mode

Change layer mode to soft light and reduce the opacity to 60%


Step 41 – Light

Paint light effects with a soft round brush with 50% of opacity and 50% of flow.


Step 42 – Soft Light

Change layer mode to soft light and the opacity to 60%.


Step 43 – Shadows

Create a new layer and use it in soft light mode. Paint with a soft round black brush with 50% of opacity and 50% of flow.


Step 44 – Freeform Pen Tool

Nowpick the freeform pen tool to make details stand out.


Step 45 – Paths

After you make all of the strokes give a right click and press the option stroke path


Then select brush pressure:


The result is this:


Step 46 – Blur

Pick the blurand also the smudge tool and pass over the stroke you just made to give a softer look. Also reduce the opacity of the layer to 60%.


Step 47 – Lights

As you did before pick a soft round brush in a white or yellow tone and paint around the model to create lights, make sure the brush have 50% of opacity and 50% of flow.


Step 48 – Layer mode

Change the layer mode to soft light, if you think is necessary you can reduce the opacity. Repeat the process with warm tones around the image. In this way you will be creating the direction of the light. Start in the left corner of the image with more intensity and less intensity in the right area of the image.


Step 49 – Dark

Now in a new layer in soft light mode paint with a black brush with 50% of opacity and 50% of flow to get this result:


Final Results

That’s it


About the Author

image057I hope you enjoy the tutorial if you want to take a look of more of my work go to!

– Andrea García


  1. madam..excellent creative work nearly 50 steps to create that final image what a Patience. I am just beginner in Photoshop and its most helpful to me your working steps…thankyou

  2. Andrea excellent tutorial, I admire your work very much you are very talent and an artist. Your friend José.

  3. I like your tutorials but you have broken deviantart links. I much prefer stock that are not from deviantart because they disappear and the owners have usage rules that make them difficult to use.