“Never grow up.” The quote is a testament to the unbound creativity of artists. Because of this they are able to explore and create great and wonderful things. I had the honor of being able to interview a very cool illustrator whose funny, naive, and uplifting works that call the inner child in you is an adage to the quote earlier. Fil Dunsky is a freelancing 25-year old illustrator who took it upon himself to create beautiful characters and illustrations to make this world a better place. Find out more about him and read on!

How did you start in the industry? Can you tell us more about yourself?

My parents are art family and I was always drawing something in my early childhood. Once there was a choice where to go to study a degree they suggested me to go for Fine Arts and Graphics and I’ve graduated as a graphic designer. Worked as a regular designer in the office for 2 years and while working I started to realize that design is not mine but I’ve attracted to draw again like in childhood and started to learn how to become a freelance digital illustrator.


I really like your style, how did you develop it? Can you share it with us?

Regarding the style there was two people behind who helped me to develop it. First one was my father who was always telling me not to stuck in realism and showed me Dmitry Mitrokhin sketches which opened something inside me and second was Oksana Grivina – she is really awesome illustrator and I took a lot from her style especially in the beginning and still I’m a great fan of her works.safety-4

For inspiration, can you name 3 – 5 people in the creative that you look up to.

Andrey Gordeev (Gordei), Oksana Grivina, Van Gogh.


As an artist, creative blocks are common. Do you get them? What do you do to get over them?

I had a hard period when I was learning because I had no idea how to draw and when something was going wrong it was hard to take control of my mind and keep trying. And also after about 5 years of freelancing driven by really huge passion for drawing I was bored finally. I’ve achieved all the goals I wanted e.g. to work for huge international well known clients and to get super payments and I don’t know where I would be now and what would I do if not my yoga Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and this path of knowledge and practice. It helped me sooo much. It changed me completely helping to overcome any obstacles. This is my main inspiration in life now and it is number one – first do yoga and then everything else. Because when you align yourself properly, when you diving deep inside, when you get such a peace, calmness, comfort, love and something even beyond any words only then you can live really happy in any situation in life and do anything with love, sharing that love. This works so genius and yet simple. There is a breath and mind state connection in between When you feel super your breath is smooth and deep, so relaxed and when you have some negative emotions or thoughts your breath becomes shaky or incomplete or whatever. So using our breath we can have a certain control over the mind in our life. This is just a matter of practice and it works.

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