Interview with Illustrator Fil Dunsky

Interview with Illustrator Fil Dunsky

Most of the projects are executed clients ideas but sometimes they just say that I can draw “something” on particular thematics. I love both ways to work. Regarding to my personal message I think it is a feeling of love and happiness in life and I’m trying 100% to put it in all my works. The way I feel I want to express and to make everyone happy. I can not draw negative. When I draw some negative emotions I feel negative too. Once I had to draw some struggle emotion and I’ve realized my face is copying that I’m drawing. And usually bad characters are also positive looking in my case. When some meat companies or smoke corporations or wine stores asking me to draw I always say no. There was a case when meat restaurant asked me to draw “something” for their advert and I draw this hunter_banner_1200px_o And they even used it as an advert (without the words of course)!


What mistakes do you think does young graphic designers who are just starting in industry make? What advice can you give them?

Big mistake which I see everyday – they are spamming in the comments with their links asking to follow them or to check their works. This is like begin. A lot of people annoyed by this and will never open such a links. Better to write some positive comment and use attractive avatar (with your best work maybe?) for your profile. Then people will be curious and will check your profile and works. I never done such a things. I was just drawing and putting it to my blog, fb, whatever and see how many likes and comments I got. If there was many then I should will like and their friends will see. No need to ask them. I never asked for a project also. My clients are writing me by their will. Just concentrate on improving your skills and draw everyday.

Throughout your career, what are you most proud about?

I am not proud about anything. Well… Maybe only that by my regular illustrations people are starting to think about the purpose of their lives and starting to search for themselves, starting doing yoga or some other good things and becoming happy. Only this keeps inspiring me to continue drawing. In other cases I think my works are just drawings and this is not my merit that people ask me to draw commissions but this is really big luck and I am really grateful for that.


Where do you see yourself and your works evolving in the next 5 years?

Last 5 years in interviews answering for this question I usually say that I want to draw more personal works because I have loads of commercial and that I’m dreaming to draw some personal children multimedia book someday but still I have not done it. I’m stuck in commercial. Maybe it would happen in next 5 years? I would like to draw more yoga illustrations or to work on some projects which are more connected to divine, to make people wake up more.

More from the Artist

You can find out more from Fil by visiting his Behance profile and his website.

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