Interview with Illustrator Kristy Anne Ligones

Interview with Illustrator Kristy Anne Ligones

Interview with Illustrator Kristy Anne Ligones

Do you think an illustrator needs a style? If so, can you tell us why?

I think so, though if you’re working in a corporate world just like me, it’s important to vary in different style, because you need to somehow follow on what your creative director wants to see visually, but as my own self, as an illustrator outside my day job, I have to come up or maintain a style, to be able to make people tell that it’s mine, without knowing yet that I did that artwork, it’s important to have that sort of branding to yourself, because if you’re just making random style, or copying a trend style, then you’re just like everybody else, though sometimes trend styles can be your own, by innovating them, trying to be more you.


When do images become better than words?

When they’ve become well interpreted visually, that people will get it right away.


How did you get your first illustration job?

I got my first illustration job, while I was doing full time freelance for a while, a friend of mine asked me if I was interested on doing some e-book illustrations for this small company in Hawaii, that makes e-books for Japanese children, to help them learn the English language, it was a small gig, but it was fun.


As an illustrator, what is something new you have noticed or learned recently?

I’ve been trying to learn impromptu drawing, without using pencil, just completing things up through random thoughts, I’ve been developing this doodle illustration recently, and it’s pretty challenging to form something out of nothing, without rough sketch, just pen and ink immediately and complete a whole blank space with it, the only pencil guide are the figure or faces formation that I was aiming for, but the rest are just completely random doodle, just to fill in the blanks.


Who inspires you to become an illustrator?

I should say family, but they don’t only inspire me to be an illustrator alone, they inspire me to work hard, and become somebody that they’ll be proud of, not only professionally, but as a whole person.


More about Kristy Anne Ligones

Kristy is also interested in customizing DIY vinyl toys and other stuff that boosts out her expertise on customization. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile and website.

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