Interview with Illustrator Miranda Meeks

Interview with Illustrator Miranda Meeks

It is clear that you have a talent for both illustration and digital arts and I've noticed that you do a lot of melancholic projects. Do you set melancholic theme as your preference to expressing yourself as an artist? Why or why not?

Whether I do it on purpose or not, I do believe that the melancholic theme is something I use to express myself as an artist. I simply find it more intriguing than other themes. When there is a sense of mystery or sadness in a picture, it invites the viewer in to ask more questions and be more involved in the work.


Is illustration a good specialization to be in within our current industry trend? How would you describe some of your challenges?

I think illustration is a great field to specialize in, especially with the internet, which has created easy access to artwork around the world. With the growing supply of tablets and phones, the general population will always be hungry for new images to view; this is one reason why illustration will always be needed. A challenge with illustration is the sheer amount of talent out there that one must compete with in order to survive as a freelancer. My theory is that the cream will always rise to the top, and if you start working on the quality of your work and stop worrying about the work of others so much, you won't have to be concerned about finding work in the future.

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  1. Great interview. I am also working on getting my digital arts to look somewhat less digital. I would like somewhere in the middle of digital and what I call manual, lol. Well done Miranda, you are certainly an inspiration.

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