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Interview With Designer Mauricio Raffin

Mauricio Raffin is a talented Programmer/Designer from Corrientes, Argentina. His works are captivating with his implementation of surreal details and good composition. Let’s dive into a surrealistic world with fantastical creatures through Mauricio Raffin’s artwork.

I must say that you have such an amazing array of work. What are your inspirations and how did you develop your art aesthetic?

Thanks for that, I’ve always loved art, and when I discovered photoshop I started playing around with it, I developed my style that its always changing through trends, looking for repeating patterns that are being used and some kind of colour palettes too.



Have you always been into digital art?

From my point of view, my best work is in digital art, but I’ve drawed since a kid, and also like writing, poetry and short stories.


What techniques/tools do you use in creating your work?

Mostly I play around with Photoshop and plenty of images, its only photomanipulation with some touch of matte painting maybe, sometimes I add some illustrator vector shapes or some 3d render from C4D of 3dsmax.


You present images that are surreal and thought provoking, is there a story behind each work you create?

It was a time earlier when I started that I draw most of my inspiration or themes from my music and my mood, nowadays I have some kind of conceptual thinking, I create in my mind some sketch and try to recreate it on the canvas, sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it ends up very different from what I firstly thought.


How do you manage to blend so many different elements together into one consistent whole?

It’s a hard work I must say, if I had to select only one technique used for it, it would be masking. Masking helps a lot in the work, I’m always changing them until it fits well.


What achievement are you most proud of so far?

Being featured in some sites, also done some expositions here in my city, I’m proud of getting some recognition from the work I’m doing


What materials/medium do you most enjoy working with?

Pixels and Vectors, its only digital, I enjoy good stock photos and a white canvas to start everything.


“Impossibles” is a breathtaking image that showcases a variety of techniques and medium. How did you create this stunning image?

Imposibles has only one S because its on my natal language that’s Spanish, so, its not a mistake as it may look. I started with some grunge images on the background and a white canvas, then I’ve added both animals and tried to blend them, last thing to add where the roots and the tree. I’ve ended it with the circle text and some colour filter for it to fit along the colour.


What can we look for from you in the future?

I’m trying to improve in 3d art, so maybe you would see some of that in the future.


Any message/advice for our readers?

Thanks for the time given to read this, and hope to see some of their work too, I’m easily amazed with others’ work!


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