Thomas Tibitanzl, better known as “deZane” is a 25 year old self-taught artist. His work have been published in different design magazines including Advanced Photoshop, artzMania and Blanket Magazine. His talent is evident in the richness of detail and balance of elements in his work. Read on and get to know more about the artist behind these incredible images.

Hello Thomas. First of all, thank you for letting us have this opportunity to interview you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hello world, my name is Thomas Tibitanzl, I am a digital artist, graphic designer and web designer from Munich. I work under the artist name “deZane”.


VISIONS series bad_by_deZane


You’re a self-taught graphic designer/digital artist. Can you tell us about your learning process? How did you get to where you are now as an artist?

When I was a teenager, I was very interested in the internet particularly in beautiful websites that inspired me to create my own one day. Back then, Flash was a new innovative web-technology and only a small percentage of these websites were floating around the internet. For me, these websites were very appealing. It was the first time where you were able to show off a presentation, with interactive layouts, motion graphics, special effects, sound, music etc. I thought the whole package was incredible with all these possibilities and freedom. With this motivation I started to learn Flash 5 and Photoshop 5, to create my own unique presentation on the internet. After some years of experimentation, I created many personal websites to craft my skills, until I have reached the point where the practice paid off and I finally created the website that met my expectations, but I didn’t have any portfolio, just a fancy website without content.

The first part of my plan was done, so I started to persue my next goal. My other interest is art, expressed in any possible form. Since I was a kid I draw and painted a lot, attended art class in school etc. Through various websites and graphic communites, I was naturally introduced and inspired by graphic design and digital art. I thought that digital art was the optimal medium, to fit my needs and the best way to represent my ideas and visions. It offers so many possibilites and freedom, that there are really no limits. With the basics and knowledge of my website design skills, I started to get a little deeper into Photoshop, to expand my skills and create artworks for my website.

After some time my artworks got more complicated, so I needed to learn additional programs as well. Programs are like tools, the more you know, the more options you have…

VISIONS series good_by_deZane

Ghosts in the Shell_by_deZane

Did you always wanted to become an artist?

Well, I knew since high school that I wanted to become a designer professionally. I just create artworks as a hobby in my spare time as an artist, because I am very inclined and interested in the digital art field.


festivals of the dancing souls_by_deZane

Do you have any creative rituals to help you come up with a concept?

I wouldn’t call it a ritual, but first of all when I come up with new ideas and a concept, I clear my mind and stay focused. It’s just a basic technique, a mix between brainstorming and daydreaming. Most of the time I just sit in a quiet place and start to think. I am certain that you are the most creative, when you are relaxed, in harmony and not distracted by other things.



From start to end, how does an artwork come to life?

The whole concept and ideas are visually constructed in my head, it works like a virtual playground. For me it is personally the best method, because I have absolutely no restrictions and total freedom, also it is a good training and stimulates the brain for better imagination. When I come up with an interesting concept, that I think is original and unique in some way, I try to recreate it as accurate as possible with different programs.

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