Interview with Character Designer and Illustrator Barbara Dziadosz

Interview with Character Designer and Illustrator Barbara Dziadosz
Interview with Character Designer and Illustrator Barbara Dziadosz

Today we are joined by designer and illustrator Barbara Dziadosz. Over the years, she has specialized in character design and printmaking. When I first saw her work I immediately felt an attachment to it. There's a certain kind of charm and comfort in the illustrations that coupled with her screen printing technique create a nostalgic feel. Read more about her below. Enjoy!

Can you tell us more about your work? What style do you use?

My illustration style changed a lot some years ago. It all started when I had a screen printing course at my school. I immediately fell in love with this traditional printing technique and it`s bright colors. This is when I started to illustrate with mainly overlapping shapes, a limited color palette and hand drawn elements. Nowadays I mainly work digital, as it fits my tempo better. I'm inpatient and waiting for a drying screen is super annoying. I always start with a sketch and rearrange the composition digital. I also do the coloring digital and add some hand drawn elements.


How did you develop this style? Who or what has inspired you?

I started to experiment with shapes and scanned in structures in between semesters. I wasn’t able to use the screen printing studio, so I thought about a way of mimicking the process. It took me some time until I found a way, that doesn’t look to clean and tidy.


Are you formally trained? If so, where did you go, what degree did you achieve? How did you work up into professional work?

I have a Bachelor degree at illustration at the HAW Hamburg and I´m in the middle of my master thesis (finally haha!) Besides the studies I always tried to do some freelance work, which over the time became more and more. I`m also working as the studio assistant in the screen
printing workshop at my school, which is the best job ever :)


As a freelance illustrator, are you selective of your clients? What is your selection process? What projects won't you take?

Well I simply have to like the company and what it does stand for. I would`nt illustrate for a company that has right wing politics or offends someone in any way. It`s also important that it is a reliable company with a good reputation. But I also enjoy private commissions or like to support non-profit organizations.


How much time do you spare for commercial work vs. personal work?

Freelancing is strange, because you never know what and especially when it comes next. So I take as it comes. Commissioned work comes first, because without my paid jobs I wouldn’t be able to do my personal stuff just for fun. But I like to keep myself busy. If I have some spare time I just start drawing what comes to my mind and if I`m lucky enough it turns out in something I like. The personal work is the place where I try out new things to improve my work.

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