15 Overly Creative Alternative Prints by Eni Turkeshi

15 Overly Creative Alternative Prints by Eni Turkeshi
15 Overly Creative Alternative Prints by Eni Turkeshi

Eni Turkeshi is a very talented digital and analogue photographer from Albania. She creates haunting yet incredibly intriguing images that makes the viewer want to take a closer look. This post features some of her amazing work that she developed using different types of alternative printing process. Read on and discover the other side of photography in this inspiring interview.

Interview with Eni Turkeshi

Hello Eni! First of all, thank you for letting us have this interview. We’d like to know more about you. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Thanks for your invitation Ivy. I am Eni , an Albanian visual artist. I started my artistic works with photography which is my main passion, but I find myself day by day more and more included in alternating my works and visualizing them by using different media.


How and when did your love for photography begin?

Basically, since I was a kid. I was always interested in photos. There was something I couldn`t tell that took me all time to spend lots of time staring at photos even at totally random family photos. To me it was fun to have a look at all the details. I could see people that were waiting to have a look at the album getting impatient and asking why it was taking me so much time to look at a simple albumJ. Well, because it was fun J. With time I found out about the Flickr page and then started to share photos taken with my first digital camera which was my mobile phone Nokia 7610 ;) Flickr has a very important place in my photography adventure start. But as I said my love for photography started since I was a kid, even though I wasn`t very much aware of itJ.


What inspires you to capture an image?

From the most usual to the most unusual things/elements. I tend to create images of things which affect me emotionally or visually.


Are there certain emotions or feelings that you like to highlight in your images?

As I said above, it`s not always known what will affect me, let it be positive or negative emotion. I`d like to be more instinctive sometimes in my life and do things I want to do without analyzing so much, so that the magic won`t get vaporized. I think I`m more successful being so when it comes to images ;)


What tools of the trade do you use most often?

I use both digital and analogue mediums. I`d like to focus more on analogue and experiment more with it but for the moment I don`t have access to any darkroom, so the most I can do without it is developing my films myself. On my digital imagery I use Photoshop, though I `m not the brightest Photoshop user. I only use some of the basic editing tools. I mainly work with color editing since I love colors; they are like a therapy to me. I use a Canon 40D and a broken lens Canon Ixus 6.0 which does some weird effects after the lens accidentJ As per analogue I own a Canon 500 n, lomo Smena 8M, Minolta and one hand made pinhole camera.

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