23 Impressive Infrared Photos

23 Impressive Infrared Photos
Infrared photography gives a whole new view to scenes and objects that we’ve never seen before. These type of photos captures light from part of the spectrum that our eyes cannot see. It can make leaves appear white, skin glow, and haze in the distance disappear. See what infrared photography can create with this set of 23 impressive infrared photos! {photolicense}

Infrared Forest Infrared Forest | Laurent Dambies

Infrared Landscape Infrared Landscape | Vladikpod

Beautiful White Tree Beautiful White Tree | Laurent Dambies

Conifer Forest in Fog Conifer Forest in Fog | Michal Boubin

Reflections in Infrared Reflections in Infrared | Sascha Burkard

Mountain Stream Mountain Stream | Ldambies

Infrared Tree Infrared Tree | Christoph Hoffmann

Jill Battaglia Jill Battaglia | Garden Gate in Infrared

Dramatic Lighting Trees Derwent Water in Keswick Dramatic Lighting Trees Derwent Water in Keswick | Janinebaggett

Sylvan Lake in Infrared Sylvan Lake in Infrared | Jill Battaglia

Rails Rails | Kai Koehler

The Old Mandeltree The Old Mandeltree | IrTn Udvarhßzi

Infrared Apartment Window Infrared Apartment Window | Benny Scroggin

Infrared Landscape Infrared Landscape | Christoph Hoffmann

Boat and Dream Lake Boat and Dream Lake | Qiun

Infrared Tree Infrared Tree | Christoph Hoffmann

Tree in Infrared, Landscape with Tree Tree in Infrared, Landscape with Tree | Aniszewski

Untitled Untitled | Comstock Images

Water lilies in Infrared Water lilies in Infrared | Cristian Marin

Reservoir Tower, Film Scan Reservoir Tower, Film Scan | Stuart Brill

Sunflower Infrared Sunflower Infrared | Douglas Kim

Infrared Tree Infrared Tree| Christoph Hoffmann

Dangerous Beauty Dangerous Beauty | Sophieso

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